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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

De Klerk Slams 'Afro-Pessimists'

Ah the man who threw all of white civilised South Africa under the bus has come out in defense of his lovely  black ruling party. He has broadly denounced those of us who dare speak the truth about the inability of the ANC (or any African ruling party) to actually provide services to its people. How about providing governments which are not rife with crime where it is necessary to grease a few palms before anything gets done?

Well lets see what good old Flat Wheel has to say:

"the country had seen 18 years of almost uninterrupted economic growth.
He added that significant steps had been made in alleviating poverty, improving access to housing, water and electricity."
Well lets see now if we can find logical reasons for this:
1. 18 years of economic growth? How about the continuing of WHITE created businesses on an international scale which are the main reason that we have kept our heads above water? If it the ANC (and their black comrades) who have helped grow that economy then why is it that white household income has grown 8 times more than black households in the 10 years between 2001 and 2011? (with BEE working in favour of blacks!) Must be the fact that whites start new businesses and CREATE wealth (instead of distributing it) seeing as they can very seldomly find jobs.

2.Alleviating poverty - by adding 16 million people to the social grant list and giving them a million and one reasons not to work through the sense of entitlement bred into the black population they are alleviating poverty? They are in fact working towards CREATING more poverty seeing as its roughly 2,1 million people paying 92% of all taxes! And when you look at the dismal failure that is education in SA I can't see that changing any time soon. 
3, Improving access to housing, water and electricity - by building RDP housing through corrupt tenders where substandard materials are used that cause the houses to fall down around the people they are SOLD to? By failing to upgrade power stations, build new and maintain existing ones when they were well aware of the fact that there would not be enough capacity to function properly in 15 years? By laying pipelines which very often have no water water flowing through them? By allowing acid leakage to contaminate fresh water sources
Sure FW, we believe that the ANC has done a sterling job - of wrecking a fully functioning country in less than 20 years and looting the public coffers! You call me an "afro-pessimist" because I can see the wood for the trees? Then so be it!

De Klerk slams 'afro-pessimists'

2013-05-21 16:30
Johannesburg - Under-fire President Jacob Zuma got a little support from an unlikely quarter Tuesday when FW De Klerk laid into the "prophets of doom" putting down the country.
De Klerk said "afro-pessimists" did not give the country or the continent enough credit for strides made.
De Klerk acknowledged the country faces "serious international perception problems" but said the country had seen 18 years of almost uninterrupted economic growth.
He added that significant steps had been made in alleviating poverty, improving access to housing, water and electricity.
His comment echoes those of Zuma and the ANC, which have come under a barrage of criticism for failing to tackle corruption, labour violence and unemployment.
But De Klerk was not completely gushing about the government's performance.
"We score badly is in those areas of national activity that fall under the responsibility of government," he said.
"We are in the bottom 20% with regard to the quality of education; the business cost of crime; HIV prevalence; and labour market efficiency."
But, he added, the government was aware of these problems and had endorsed a National Development Plan to deal with them.
"Africa and South Africa are on the march," he said.

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