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Thursday, 23 May 2013

What Is Black Privilege?

Henri LeRiche has done it again - a brilliant posting and 100% accurate, See the original here

What is black privilege?

  • Black Privilege is being able to talk about white privilege and nobody would think anything about it.
  • Black Privilege is being able to take pride in your race without fear of persecution.
  • Black Privilege is when people assume you are poor because of racism, not because you’re lazy.
  • Black Privilege is being wealthy without people assuming your wealth was handed to you or that you exploited others.
  • Black Privilege is being able to commit violent crimes against another race without people assuming you did it because you were a racist.
  • Black Privilege is being given an “affirmative action” title which advantages you in jobs, Universities and social grants based on your skin tone.
  • Black Privilege is having the media cover up your race in the event of a racist incident, or a gruesome murder.
  • Black Privilege is being able to claim entitlement because of your skin colour.

  • Black Privilege is being able to make insensitive comments about other races and not being called out on it.
  • Black Privilege is when people assume that the police pulled you over because of racism, not because you were speeding.
  • Black Privilege is being able to preserve and promote your culture and having your culture protected from criticism.
  • Black Privilege is being able to blame your shortcomings on racism.
  • Black privilege is when people consider you to be superior at sports without it being considered racist.
  • Black privilege is not having to be fearful of offending anyone else.
  • Black Privilege is when you can be over-represented in a certain field without people trying to amend it.
  • Black Privilege is having the government pander to your interests in order to get your “black vote”.
  • Black privilege is being allowed to characterize criticisms of destructive black behaviors, as being ‘racist’.
  • Black privilege is when you are allowed to think you are superior to other human beings and incapable of racism.

  • Black privilege is when you can use the race card, and get away with it even if you were the racist.
  • Black privilege is when you never take responsibility and always blame someone else.

Have you checked your black privilege recently?

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Lesson Learned The Hard Way

Well, sometimes all it takes is to allow errant children to burn their fingers when they refuse to listen to you about not touching the stove plates. The same can be applied to the miners who decided that it would be a good idea to go on an illegal strike and who have since been dismissed.

Even after all the warnings given to workers and unions alike they still refuse to believe that striking is NOT the way to go in order to get what they want. When will it penetrate that you cannot STOP production which creates a corresponding LOSS for the company and then expect an INCREASE in wages? When God was handing out logic did these guys simply refuse it or not show up at all?

And even after they had been burned (dismissed) they were given an opportunity to appeal (the equivalent of mom kissing and making it better) but they decided that they didn't want to do that until all of their demands were met! Brilliant idea that - we striked illegally and were dismissed legally - we now want our jobs back - but only if you give us an extra R180 000 this year. Yeah right - like THAT makes business sense.

What I would love is for each of these labourers to have to run a mine - pay overheads, staff, maintenance, tax, settle claims for workplace injuries, pay insurance, take on the responsibility of mine management  for accidents etc and then STILL have to have their days interrupted with violent strike action (for which they can be held personally liable for the losses of the company and for injury claims) and then still say that mine management earns too much! I bet that within a week they will be running for the hills.

And on top of that, I really wish that this entitlement mentality would disappear.  They have already received massive payouts from an employee incentive scheme, take home more than most degreed employees and then still DEMAND more money? And think that by acting like criminals they can achieve this? I'm glad the mine took the hard line and fired the lot of them (not so happy that they didn't press charges and then offered an appeals process which led to many reinstatements).

You can be sure that we'll see the Unions jump in here and start sounding off about how the white mine management treats its workers like slaves... 

Fired Kumba miners now destitute

Workers have turned to the union they scorned at the time of the unprotected strike - the National Union Mineworkers.
"Even as I am speaking to you, I don't have a cent in my pocket," says 26-year-old Thenyo Ohentswe. "Myself, I lost a 320 diesel BMW. [I love the fact that he went on strike when he could already seemingly afford a 320 BMW! Where is the logic?] My loans, I am in arrears. Now those loans have been taken to the lawyers. I am getting calls every day from them."

A breadwinner with six dependents [Instead of increases I think the in should distribute condoms instead - it would be more helpful], Ohentswe says he and his family are suffering.

But he is just one of 120 people who lost their jobs at Anglo American's Kumba Iron Ore last year following an unusual strike in which machinery was held hostage.

On October 3 2012, in the small and dusty Northern Cape town of Kathu, 300 Kumba workers seized and held equipment worth R3.3-billion at the company's Sishen mine, demanding a R15 000 salary hike. The workers also claimed they had been taxed too heavily on payouts they had received from an employee share scheme that awarded a maximum of R570 000 to long-term employees.

Now, however, dismissed workers, like Ohentswe, are feeling the pinch. Their homes in neighbouring communities stand half built, their cars have been repossessed, debt collectors are knocking on their doors and some have had no choice but to pull their children out of school. The workers held the equipment hostage for two weeks before the police and private security swept in and arrested 47 people.

Blanket amnesty

Although Kumba offered the striking workers a blanket amnesty with no criminal charges — just a final written warning — they ignored the call to return to work and refused to appear at a disciplinary hearing until their demands had been met. Those who returned to work were labelled "traitors" and 209 workers who failed to turn up were dismissed with four days to appeal. At the time, the protesters told the Mail & Guardian they would not appeal.

Now, however, the reality of the situation has sunk in and those dismissed are desperately exploring every avenue to get their jobs back. "Our property is gone, our children are no longer at school, we are starving," says Ohentswe.

The strike was never intended to escalate the way it did, he says. It began as an attempt to force the general manager to respond to a memorandum. The official demand was for an extra R15 000 in wages for each employee across the board.

Kumba claimed those who stayed away from work in October 2012 ranged from mid-level operators to artisans, some of whom earned a basic salary of R31 000.

But Ohentswe, who was a machine operator, says he took home about R13 000 a month. Payslips belonging to two truck drivers who took part in the strike seen by the Mail & Guardian show that they took home R10 000 or R11 000 a month.

Tax deductions

The workers were also disgruntled about the tax deducted from the mining company's employee empowerment scheme payout.

In December 2012, Sishen paid out R2.7-billion to workers as part of its Envision employee empowerment scheme. All permanent workers who had been employed at Sishen for five years or more received the maximum payout of R570 000. Those who had not been employed by the mine for the full five-year period received smaller amounts.

All workers still receive an equal dividend every six months — these two dividends amounted to a total of R33 000 in 2012. The dismissed workers have lost out on another major Envision payout that is due in 2016.

Last year, striking workers said they could not wait for the payout. "We can't wait until 2016 when we are suffering now," one said.

Those who qualified for the full payout received R345 000 after tax. Kumba spokesperson Gert Schoeman said all was above board. "After full consultation with all relevant parties, it was confirmed that the correct tax deductions were applied as per South African Revenue Service rules. Sars also wrote a letter to the employees confirming this."


Bongani Kies worked for 10 years as an operator at Kumba and was part of the strike, although he was not there when the machinery was seized. He says he appealed his dismissal, but was not reinstated. "We don't know what criteria the company used. Even guys who took the machines, a lot of them were reinstated."

Kies had some Envision funds tucked away, although they have fast run dry. "There is no income. My commitments, I can't meet them. I'm in arrears, they keep phoning. I have loans, small stuff, that I should pay that I can't pay."

Many employees with children at school received a subsidy from Kumba, but they now have to foot the full bill and cannot do so, Kies says. "They have had to remove their child from school in the middle of the year."

Gert Schoeman said a total of 209 employees were dismissed during the industrial action. Of these, 124 reported for appeal hearings and 89 were reinstated. Ohentswe claims the appeal process was not fully attended because it was not communicated to employees by the union in time, although the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) refutes this. The NUM did not support the unprotected strike and the workers made it clear that they were not interested in handing their concerns over to the union as they were never effectively dealt with. However, Ohentswe and Kies were part of a group of 14 dismissed workers who travelled to Gauteng recently to protest in front of the NUM's offices. "They told us they were in the wrong, they pleaded with us," said NUM spokesperson Lesiba Seshoka. He said that because many of the dismissed workers are union members, the union will re-engage Kumba about reinstatement. But Schoeman said the dismissals will not be reviewed. "We cannot re-employ them as the trust relationship has irretrievably broken down. The majority of the positions have been filled and the recruitment process to fill all remaining vacancies continues as dictated by operational requirements."


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

De Klerk Slams 'Afro-Pessimists'

Ah the man who threw all of white civilised South Africa under the bus has come out in defense of his lovely  black ruling party. He has broadly denounced those of us who dare speak the truth about the inability of the ANC (or any African ruling party) to actually provide services to its people. How about providing governments which are not rife with crime where it is necessary to grease a few palms before anything gets done?

Well lets see what good old Flat Wheel has to say:

"the country had seen 18 years of almost uninterrupted economic growth.
He added that significant steps had been made in alleviating poverty, improving access to housing, water and electricity."
Well lets see now if we can find logical reasons for this:
1. 18 years of economic growth? How about the continuing of WHITE created businesses on an international scale which are the main reason that we have kept our heads above water? If it the ANC (and their black comrades) who have helped grow that economy then why is it that white household income has grown 8 times more than black households in the 10 years between 2001 and 2011? (with BEE working in favour of blacks!) Must be the fact that whites start new businesses and CREATE wealth (instead of distributing it) seeing as they can very seldomly find jobs.

2.Alleviating poverty - by adding 16 million people to the social grant list and giving them a million and one reasons not to work through the sense of entitlement bred into the black population they are alleviating poverty? They are in fact working towards CREATING more poverty seeing as its roughly 2,1 million people paying 92% of all taxes! And when you look at the dismal failure that is education in SA I can't see that changing any time soon. 
3, Improving access to housing, water and electricity - by building RDP housing through corrupt tenders where substandard materials are used that cause the houses to fall down around the people they are SOLD to? By failing to upgrade power stations, build new and maintain existing ones when they were well aware of the fact that there would not be enough capacity to function properly in 15 years? By laying pipelines which very often have no water water flowing through them? By allowing acid leakage to contaminate fresh water sources
Sure FW, we believe that the ANC has done a sterling job - of wrecking a fully functioning country in less than 20 years and looting the public coffers! You call me an "afro-pessimist" because I can see the wood for the trees? Then so be it!

De Klerk slams 'afro-pessimists'

2013-05-21 16:30
Johannesburg - Under-fire President Jacob Zuma got a little support from an unlikely quarter Tuesday when FW De Klerk laid into the "prophets of doom" putting down the country.
De Klerk said "afro-pessimists" did not give the country or the continent enough credit for strides made.
De Klerk acknowledged the country faces "serious international perception problems" but said the country had seen 18 years of almost uninterrupted economic growth.
He added that significant steps had been made in alleviating poverty, improving access to housing, water and electricity.
His comment echoes those of Zuma and the ANC, which have come under a barrage of criticism for failing to tackle corruption, labour violence and unemployment.
But De Klerk was not completely gushing about the government's performance.
"We score badly is in those areas of national activity that fall under the responsibility of government," he said.
"We are in the bottom 20% with regard to the quality of education; the business cost of crime; HIV prevalence; and labour market efficiency."
But, he added, the government was aware of these problems and had endorsed a National Development Plan to deal with them.
"Africa and South Africa are on the march," he said.

The ANC Wants To Rewrite Church Street Bombing History

The ANC is deliberately attempting to rewrite the less than savoury aspects of their "liberation struggle". They are not happy with the terrorist title (although its a known fact that they were and are a terrorist organisation). And they have now deliberately tried to take away a day of remembrance for one of their most famous terrorist attack - the Church Street Bombing. 

The Afriform Youth observed a minute of silence for the innocent people killed in the bombing on 20 May 2013 - The ANC thereafter called AfriForum Youth "irrelevant" and "isolated", following Monday's event.

ANC spokesperson, Keith Khoza, said AfriForum's views were "unfortunate", and said the ANC was not aware of the event. He said it was necessary for the ANC to rewrite it's history to some extent, because it had been distorted during apartheid.

The question I had is - what event did they have no knowledge of? The bombing? Can't be seeing as old Mandela told the world that he had approved of the placing of the bombs. 

And finally we have some truth (albeit a half truth) from the ANC at last - "it is necessary to rewrite the ANC's history to some extent...". Don't they mean in its entirety seeing as they would like the world to keep believing that they are a bunch of angels? 

Distorted during Apartheid? Now they make me laugh - there is very real OBJECTIVE evidence of their terrorist activities! Someone would have to have a very real IQ of 67 to believe the ANC spin on things seeing as the ANC killed thousands of BLACK political opponents and "agents". Too bad they couldn't have blown up Lithuli House instead.

They have no respect for the innocents they killed in cold blood - but force the rest of the country (and most importantly the taxpayer) to celebrate and PAY FOR remembrance of their despicable terrorist marxist murderous masters "heroes". Can you say hypocrite?

AfriForum slated over 'ANC terror attacks' ceremony

The ANC has lashed out at AfriForum's youth wing for observing a minute of silence for civilians "killed in ANC terror attacks between 1980 and 1994".

On Tuesday, the ANC called AfriForum Youth "irrelevant" and "isolated", following Monday's event.

AfriForum Youth said the event celebrated the lives of 19 people killed in the 1983 Church Street bombings. AfriForum Youth's national president Charl Oberholzer said the ANC tried to rewrite history by portraying its leaders as heroes.

"Thousands of innocent civilians, black and white, paid a terrible price during these violent attacks by the ANC. The event is not only a protest against the ANC's biased rewriting of history in which ANC leaders are portrayed as blameless heroes, but also an opportunity to celebrate the lives of those who died in terror attacks," Oberholzer said.

He said the ANC's "dark history" was often "glossed over".

"But the reality is that many families are still struggling to cope with the brutal way in which their families were murdered," said Oberholzer.

"More than 500 people were killed by means of necklacing since 1984, hundreds were set alight while still alive and 250 were killed in bomb or landmine attacks by the ANC. Even though the ANC did sign the Geneva Convention in 1980 and undertook not to target ordinary South Africans, 80% of terror attacks by the ANC targeted innocent civilians," he added.

ANC spokesperson, Keith Khoza, said AfriForum's views were "unfortunate", and said the ANC was not aware of the event.

He said it was necessary for the ANC to rewrite it's history to some extent, because it had been distorted during apartheid.

But, he said, history had to be factual and based in reality. Khoza added the party encouraged people – "even white people" – to start documenting their own history, whether it occurred pre- or post-1994.

He said AfriForum's decision to call the ANC "terrorists" was unfortunate, and said the organisation was constantly wanting to "go back to the past".

"We know that AfriForum represents the past; they are not forward-looking and, unfortunately, the progression of time is not working in their favour.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs


Unemployment Rate in South Africa increased to 25.20 percent in the first quarter of 2013 from 24.90 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012. Unemployment Rate in South Africa is reported by the Statistics South Africa. Historically, from 2000 until 2013, South Africa Unemployment Rate averaged 25.49 Percent reaching an all time high of 31.20 Percent in March of 2003 and a record low of 21.90 Percent in December of 2008. In South Africa, the unemployment rate measures the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labour force. This page includes a chart with historical data for South Africa Unemployment Rate.

And somehow this is all being twisted as the fault of the whites. No mention is ever made of the fact that it is almost impossible to have a functioning company with the current labour laws and the trade unions! That is what's really killing our country's economy. But what else would you expect from a communist state? The ideology is always that people should be equal in all things - especially as far as wealth is concerned. They just never explain that they want everyone to be equally poor.

Friday, 17 May 2013

The Apartheid Excuse

Apartheid is at fault for every failure of the ANC - despite them having been in power for almost 20 years. Thats like saying that you cannot hold a 20 year old criminal liable for his crimes because it was all his fathers fault. 

Over the past year alone the following has been blamed on Apartheid:

  • Violence against women
  • Poor service delivery
  • Failure to deliver textbooks
  • Abject failure of the education system
  • Eskom being unable to keep the lights on 
  • Rampant unemployment
  • Derelict RDP Housing
  • Corruption
  • Police Brutality
Its a lovely "get out of jail free" card when the race card is not available for direct use. Nice to know that Jacob Zuma and all of his underlings have such an effective protective shield when they come under attack for their own incompetence and criminal tendencies.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

It's Time We Put Away The Begging Bowl

David Bullard is anything but politically correct and more often than not tells the story like it is and often draws great criticism for it. This time he's hit the nail on the head but naturally the liberal segment of the SA community will vilify him and say that Britain still owes us for colonialism... I would have thought that debt had been paid but then again I am not a liberal moron so what is my logic really worth?

It's time we put away the begging bowl
David Bullard
15 May 2013

David Bullard says, if anything, SA should be offering to bail out its former colonial masters

Time for SA to put away the begging bowl

A few weeks ago the UK announced that they would no longer be giving South Africa a free handout. The amount involved was derisory by UK standards (a mere £19 million I believe) but the news was not well received by some SA politicians and there was even talk that the withdrawal of this boodle could alter forever the relationship between GB and SA. Since this view was put forward by former Labour Party cabinet minister and anti apartheid activist Peter Hain I think it can be safely dismissed as hysterical.

The fact that austerity hit Britain is cutting back on hand-outs to its former colonies should surprise nobody. The country's finances are in a horrible mess, quantitative easing (the euphemism for printing money) hasn't had the effect it was supposed to have on the economy and there have had to be widespread cut backs on a variety of welfare payments. How inappropriate it would be therefore to be seen to be giving money to a country that obviously doesn't need it while denying your own citizens child care payments.

Far from seeing all this as an insult, South Africa should see it as a huge compliment. For decades Africa has been holding out the begging bowl to the west. We became like the irritating fellow at the traffic lights who always wants some spare change. However much you give him he'll still be there tomorrow and the day after because begging for spare change is obviously much more profitable than looking for a job.

Is that any way for a member of BRICS to behave? Not only should we now be politely declining all foreign aid; we should be offering to bail out our former colonial masters. The beggar should turn benefactor.

Any country rich enough to build a palace like Nkandla for its beloved president certainly doesn't need the scraps from the master's table. Admittedly we may have a worryingly high unemployment rate of over 25% (unofficially probably nearer 40%) and a Trade and Industry minister hell bent on sabotaging the economy but on no account should that be seen as weakness on our part. Despite these things we are still able to hand money over to our northern neighbour Zimbabwe rather than spend it on our own people. The UK may be counting the pennies these days but we certainly aren't down here on the southern tip.

The important thing to remember about foreign aid is that it doesn't really have anything to do with money. Sure, it's nice to be thought an economic minnow by superpowers and have large tranches of donated cash to fritter away but the real relationship is never that of donor and recipient but of master and servant.

The whole point of Britain's foreign aid policy was to remind former colonial powers that they were still subservient. It's rather akin to having a wayward child with an expensive drug habit and an unhappy habit of crashing cars. Providing you keep supplying the lad with drug money and buying him a new car whenever he crashes the last one you have his undivided attention. The moment you refuse to fund his lifestyle and force him to lead his own life then you no longer own him.

In much the same way the wayward children of the UK have been encouraged to rely on "daddy" to get by in life. All sorts of amounts were sent by the mandarins in Whitehall with the tacit understanding that if we were naughty then "daddy" would cut off our allowance.

Just as some children are quite content to be dismal failures in life sponsored by a doting father, so some countries have been equally happy to extend the perpetually outstretched hand in the hope of getting by without having to do too much work. The more economically independent, though, quite rightly want to break away and do their own thing.

The view of UK Foreign Minister William Hague is that we are now big enough to go it alone without development aid. The view of some of our more lethargic politicians and union leaders apparently is that any free money is good money and that the UK is "punishing" us in some way. Hague's view is the correct one.

We cannot expect to be taken seriously in the world if we still rely on "daddy's" allowance. And just as the successful child should look after his parents in their time of need, hopefully we will be sending aid to the UK before too long.


In his Thick End of the Wedge column last Monday Peter Bruce claimed that he had been the victim of vitriolic attacks from all quarters after he announced that BD Live are finally setting up a paywall on their website. The main complaint seems to be the cost of subscription to the digital offering which is the same as the printed version of Business Day. I made the comment that this effectively forced those of us with iPads and Galaxies to subsidise the Luddites who still rely on the dead tree media. I do hope Peter didn't take offence at this genial banter on my part.

The good news though is that the rush to sign up for subscriptions has exceeded expectations which is comforting for all those at 4 Biermann Avenue who constantly fret over job security. Since the money is now rolling in maybe Peter can afford to give us back his former star columnist Katy Chance.


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Jesus and the Democrat

A Republican, in a wheelchair, entered a restaurant one afternoon and asked the waitress for a cup of coffee. The Republican looked across the restaurant and asked, "Is that Jesus sitting over there?" 
The waitress nodded "yes," so the Republican requested that she give Jesus a cup of coffee, on him. 

The next patron to come in was a Libertarian, with a hunched back. He shuffled over to a booth, painfully sat down, and asked the waitress for a cup of hot tea. He also glanced across the restaurant and asked, "Is that Jesus, over there?" 
The waitress nodded, so the Libertarian asked her to give Jesus a cup of hot tea, "My treat." 

The third patron to come into the restaurant was a Democrat on crutches. He hobbled over to a booth, sat down and hollered, "Hey there honey! How's about getting me a cold mug of Miller Light?" He too looked across the restaurant and asked, "Isn't that God's boy over there?" 
The waitress nodded, so the Democrat directed her to give Jesus a cold beer. "On my bill," he said loudly. 

As Jesus got up to leave, he passed by the Republican, touched him and said, "For your kindness, you are healed." The Republican felt the strength come back into his legs, got up, and danced a jig out the door. 

Jesus passed by the Libertarian, touched him and said, "For your kindness, you are healed." The Libertarian felt his back straightening up and he raised his hands, praised the Lord, and did a series of back flips out the door. 

Then, Jesus walked towards the Democrat, just smiling. The Democrat jumped up and yelled, "Don't touch me .... I'm on disability

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The New SA Government?

Personally I think this would be a MUCH better option than the ANC... put a relative of this guy on the voting roll and he/she has my vote...

Monday, 13 May 2013

SA Houses Al-Qaeda Camps

Well if this isn't cosy! News has come to light that apparently the SA government has been aware of 3 A-Qaeda training camps located within our borders! Allegedly no real action has taken place to curb this or to put a stop to it or to deport the buggers involved - despite repeated requests fro the US and UK! How can this be? Well for 3 reasons really in my opinion - 
  1. The ANC always protects its own. They see a version of themselves in the Al-Qaeda terrorists that makes them unable to actively prevent them from their "freedom fighting". Naturally in this instance the entire western world is seen as Al-Qaeda's Apartheid government.  
  2. A very wealthy and well known muslim family is involved. This naturally indicates that there is a bit of a kickback arrangement in place where the police and authorities are given a nice little pay-off to look the other way regarding activities that would have seen other governments take immediate action! And finally, 
  3. The ANC is a bunch of useless morons who wouldn't know how to maintain law and order or protect our country if it was about to implode before them and thus sever their connection to the public feeding trough.
Of course I could be entirely incorrect and the only reason involved is simply the current obsession with political correctness where you are not allowed to even notice the terrorist activities of Muslims unless you want to be branded Islamophobic and consequently racist. That would never do for our ultimately tolerant ANC angels!

The question I have now is, what happens when an attack is launched against the US from SA - how long will it take for them to turn on us as having been complicit in the attack? As weak as the states are right now, I don't think anyone really wants to be on their bad side when it comes to warfare - just ask the Japanese.

Photo: Surveilance photo of Greylock compound, taken in 2009.

Al-Qaeda: Alive and well in South Africa

The police’s specialised unit, Crimes Against the State (CATS) and the State Security Agency (SSA) have been monitoring the training of al-Qaeda terrorists in South Africa for several years, without taking any action. A year-long investigation by the Daily Maverick’s DE WET POTGIETER has revealed surprising inaction by police despite incriminating evidence about secret military training camps and sophisticated sniper training at three well-documented locations as well as several others across South Africa. These subversive activities have taken place at a farm near the notorious Apartheid police hit squad camp at Vlakplaas outside Pretoria, as well as a secluded farm in the mountains of the Klein Karoo.

The SAPS top-secret, deep-cover operation – Operation Kanu – was driven by crime intelligence, and was launched shortly after the 9-11 World Trade Center terror attacks to investigate extremist Muslim activities in the country. Operation Kanu began at the same time as the parallel investigation into far right-wing activities called Operation Waco.

Operation Waco resulted in the marathon Boeremag trial. The right-wingers were dubbed Al-Cadac by a police wit, as the Afrikaners’ plot was often discussed over a braai. Yet Operation Kanu resulted in no action from intelligence agencies, and no arrests of the alleged trainees or the masterminds.

All spying activities in connection with Operation Kanu were abruptly halted at the beginning of 2010 under yet-unexplained circumstances. The teams of intelligence operatives were recalled from the operation sites, all visual material seized and laptops with the surveillance data and situation reports of deep-cover agents taken away from them. The men were told by their superiors that the orders for the cessation of the surveillance operation had come “from the top”. No other explanations were given and they were re-deployed to other assignments.

In the wake of the cessation of Operation Kanu, British and US intelligence agencies began to pressurise the South African government to act against any possible Muslim terrorist threats emanating from within South Africa.

Top-level intelligence sources confirmed that representatives from both those countries’ intelligence services have been in the country for negotiations regarding the al-Qaeda operations here.

US and British intelligence have warned the South African authorities to stop “pussyfooting” with intelligence regarding international terrorists activities in South Africa. “The fact that no bombs have gone off to date in the country doesn’t mean that the threat doesn’t exist within South Africa’s borders,” they warned.

They have been frustrated for some years with the South African authorities for not taking action against perceived international terrorist threats.

South Africa is a signatory to the United Nations resolution against international terrorism and is thus obliged to act against any such threats.

Despite overwhelming intelligence information gathered well before the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa, no action had been taken to date.

The cause of the anxiety stems from the fact that thousands of illegal immigrants from Pakistan manage to cross into South Africa, while the government appears to turn a blind eye.

Says Professor Hussein Solomon from UFS in Researching Terrorism in South Africa: More Questions than Answers:

“Pretoria’s ambiguous response to terrorism also extends into the international sphere. In October 2006, during his meeting with the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, former president Thabo Mbeki spoke of the need for international co-operation in the area of counter-terrorism. When such co-operation, however, is needed from the South Africans, they baulk. In January 2007, when South Africa was informed that the US intended to place two South Africans – the Dockrat cousins – on the UN Security Council’s list of terror suspects, South Africa was vehemently opposed to this. Needless to say, relations between Washington and Pretoria soured. These incidents raise the question of whether South Africa is prepared to walk the talk in the global fight against terrorism or not. Put differently, is South Africa a credible partner in the fight against terrorism?”


At the centre of this alleged terrorist network are several members of the well-known and influential Dockrat family.

The family was catapulted into the world focus in 2007 when US terrorism financing trackers have noted suspicious financial transactions coming out of South Africa that appeared to benefit al-Qaeda.

Some of these transactions predate 9/11. The money trail led them to a Johannesburg dentist, Junaid Ismail Dockrat, and his cousin, Farhad Ahmed Dockrat, a Muslim cleric. Farhad, the older of the two cousins, was a leading cleric at the Darus Salaam Muslim Centre in former Indian township of Laudium outside Pretoria. This mosque is said to be popular among Pakistani and Malawian Muslims.

Photo: Farhad Dockrat.

On Friday afternoons, after the midday prayers, South African intelligence agents monitored several people leave the mosque and go to a farm near the former police hit squad base known as Vlakplaas. The “military style” obstacle course and the shooting range are still visible on the farm, and agents say they saw people take part in military-style training.

Daily Maverick has learned that there is an extensive dossier complied from deep- cover agents’ reports and photographic material documenting, over several years, activities on the farm.

Despite US entreaties, South African officials were reluctant to take any action beyond agreeing to monitor their activities. They asked the US to be patient as they sought to develop new information concerning the Dockrat cousins’ activities.

After numerous requests and warnings, the US decided to move against Farhad and Junaid, and thus to put pressure on the South African government to act.

In January 2007, the US presented the pair’s names to the UN Security Council’s Al-Qaeda and Taliban Sanctions Committee for designation. South Africa had just become a member of that committee on 1 January 2007. It was hoped that South Africa would join in the request, and that all countries would then act to block their financial transactions and their assets. But, that did not occur. Instead, South Africa put an indefinite hold on the UN designation process.

The Dockrats have denied any links to al-Qaeda or any other militant groups.

“This designation freezes the Dockrats out of the US financial system and notifies the international community of the dangerous conduct in which the Dockrats are engaged,” said Adam Szubin, director of the US treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, in a statement.

The treasury said Farhad Dockrat in 2001 provided more than R400,000 to the Taliban ambassador to Pakistan to be forwarded to Al-Akhtar Trust, an Afghanistan-based entity that the treasury previously designated as an al-Qaeda fund-raising arm.

To the embarrassment of all parties, the story leaked, and Reuters journalist Michael Georgy published a story in January 2007, reporting that papers had been submitted by the United States to the UN Security Council alleging that both Junaid and Farhad had acted as al-Qaeda “financiers, recruiters and facilitators”.

According to the Reuters report, they had transferred funds to al-Qaeda and coordinated the travel of South Africans to Pakistan to train there with militant Islamic groups. Both men deny these charges.

US intelligence claimed that in 2004, Junaid Dockrat assisted al-Qaeda operations chief Hamza Rabi’a (now deceased) to coordinate the travel of South Africans to Pakistan in order for them to train with al-Qaeda. It further claimed he was also responsible for raising $120,000 that Rabi’a received in the spring of 2004.


The Dockrats are a well-known South African Muslim family, who were part of the wave of Gujarati merchant-class emigres who came to South Africa in the early 1900s. The Dockrats in this story – who use a “k” in the spelling of their name, must be differentiated from another old and well-known Gujarati family who spell their name Docrat, without the “k”. The Docrats have no connection to the activities of the Dockrats elucidated in this story.

The Dockrats have over the decades primarily called Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Vereeniging’s former Indian Roshnee township their home.

We have already mentioned Junaid Ismail Dockrat, and his cousin, Farhad Ahmed Dockrat.

Farouk Dockrat is the owner of a clothing company in South Africa, Fashion World South Africa, trading as Judy Fashions, Mr Nice and Solomon’s in Pretoria North.

His wife’s parents are the aged and ailing Essops who live in Johannesburg. Besides the child married to Farouk, the Essop’s other daughter lives with her husband, Suleiman “Solly” Dockrat, in Dubai. The Dubai Dockrat family owns the Sedgars chain of clothing shops in South Africa with its head office at 9c Market Avenue, Vereeniging. Solly and Farouk are themselves cousins.


Three months after they were put on the US terrorist list in 2007, the Dockrats moved their operation from Pretoria to a remote site in the Klein Karoo. The farm, Greylock, is relatively close to the village of Haarlem and nestles in a valley between two mountains in the Tsitsikamma mountain range.

The farm can only be accessed by a long dirt road. Any vehicles or pedestrians approaching the farm can be observed from afar as they travel up the road between the orchards. It appeared to be a secure and secretive hideout, perfect as a covert training camp.

Photo: The road to a remote Greylock farm in the Klein Karoo.
The Dockrats bought Greylock from the Crous family who had been farming on Greylock with apples and peaches. The Dockrats paid R2,2 million for the farm and replaced most of the orchards and started subsistence farming with chickens, sheep, vegetables and olives.

Since 2007 the farm had become a hive of activity as new buildings and a living compound were constructed. The compound of semi-detached living quarters comprising about 14 units were constructed by Malawians. Nobody from the local coloured community in Haarlem was hired for the construction work.

According to the local community, the men from Greylock always carry firearms that are clearly visible underneath their robes whenever they visit the local shops or farmers’ co-operative to buy supplies. On the farm, they are regularly seen carrying firearms on the hip and seem to have a preference for camouflage uniforms.


The Dockrat clan were under intelligence surveillance while they were still based in Pretoria, as was their training camp at the farm near Vlakplaas prior to their sudden move to the Klein Karoo in March of 2007.

Three months after the Muslim group moved onto Greylock farm in the Langkloof, undercover agents of the police’s Crime Intelligence (CI) and the State Security Agency (SSA) followed and put up surveillance equipment to monitor the activities in the compound.

A surveillance camera was mounted on the diesel shed of a farmer near where the only access road to Greylock winds through his property. Anyone going to or coming from Greylock by road had to pass that camera and the agents were able check the registration number of each vehicle.

The agents then approached another neighbouring farmer who assisted them in getting to the top of the rugged mountain overlooking the newcomers in the valley below. There, they installed a solar powered camera that could be operated remotely.

To avert arousing the suspicions of the security-conscious Dockrats should they be confronted, the agents prepared a cover story that they were looking for a rare species of Protea, that is actually endemic to the area.

According to intelligence sources and the local community, the agents brought a vehicle especially equipped with tracking devices from Pretoria to monitor all cellphone communication at the farm. On another occasion, the agents managed to gain access to Greylock by pretending to be buyers of pine for a Gauteng furniture company.

Photo: The compound on Greylock farm is clearly recognisable from the satelite.

During the time of the surveillance operation on Farhad and the others at Greylock, undercover agents had successfully planted homing devices on their targets’ vehicles in order to monitor their movements.

The Dockrats became suspicious and checked the (false) registration numbers on the vehicle. They traced the registration to a police front company that indeed appeared to be a legitimate furniture manufacturer.

But the police had done a thorough job of building a false “legend” for the operation and made sure beforehand that the vehicle could be traced back to the “furniture factory”, which never really existed.

To all intents and purposes, it would appear that police crime intelligence as well as the specialised police unit, Crimes Against the State, and the State Security Agency had carried out a competent and at times inspired intelligence-gathering operation without being detected. Yet they were surprisingly forced to stop their monitoring by operatives of an unidentified state agency.

In his already quoted story, Prof Hussein has this to say:

“Reports of paramilitary training camps have also surfaced periodically. As early as 1996, Israel lodged a formal complaint with the South African government regarding the existence of five Hezbollah training camps in the country. In March 2007, Barry Gilder, the former head of the National Intelligence Coordinating Committee (Nicoc), acknowledged the possible existence of small-scale training camps used by terrorists in the country. Most of these trainers it would seem came from Pakistan, Somalia, Bangladesh and Jordan. In the same month, a Johannesburg magazine exposed the existence of a jihadi facility outside Port Elizabeth, where instructors provided students with combat training, as well as training in illegal high-calibre handguns, R1 rifles and AK-47s. The camp became operational in the mid-1990s with Nazier Desai as the head trainer and his cousin Ahmed Seddick Desai running the finances.

“More worrisome is the existence of terrorist training camps on isolated farms – with the knowledge of certain people in the South African government. Clearly, these government officials believe that South Africa will not be targeted by these elements. Unfortunately, the available evidence does not support such wishful thinking. When the US, for example, was targeted on foreign soil, as in the East African US embassy bombings, there were 5,000 casualties – overwhelmingly local Kenyans and Tanzanians. Likewise, the redoubtable Richard Cornwell has noted that there is nothing preventing South Africa’s own citizens from becoming “collateral” in the pursuit of other targets. Unfortunately, this belief that South Africa will not be targeted could also account for the fact that, despite monitoring these camps for a number of years, no action has been taken.”


Greylock at first seemed to be the perfect spot, an extremely remote and sheltered farm on a cul-de-sac, further hidden from prying eyes by rugged mountain ranges. When the Dockrats discovered that their secluded safe haven at Greylock was not, in fact, not as remote as they had hoped, they began searching for an alternate site on which they could establish their self-described “Muslim haven”.

Several months later the Dockrat family turned their attention to another potential safe haven near the Storms River Mouth on the Garden Route. Acting as the directors of a company, the brothers Sayed and Mohammed Dockrat bought a 70% share of in a new development, the Tsitsikamma Coastal Golf Estate, for R60-million. The original developers, the Malan brothers, had hit difficulties and were searching for investors.

(Editor's note: African Continental Development, the company involved, has disputed the facts published in this part of our expose. The company's response has been appended to the end of the article. )

It was because of their attempts to isolate themselves even further from their neighbours that the Dockrats stumbled. They only discovered that the neighbouring farmers had access to their farm, guaranteed under law, when they tried to refuse those farmers access to a stretch of communal irrigation pipe that runs through Greylock farm.

About 300m of the irrigation canal and a diversion sluiceway bringing much-needed water from a source in the mountains passes through Greylock. The surrounding farmers’ orchards have been dependent on this water for decades and when the Dockrats warned their neighbours not to trespass on their land, the neighbours took them to court.

In the ensuing High Court case, the farmers described the Dockrats as “provocative” saying that they had been using the irrigation channel for several generations since the 1920s. The story became public whenRapport published a report on the case in September 2008. The Dockrats eventually lost the case in 2012.

The front man arranging the Tsitsikamma Coastal Golf Estate transaction through the Habib Bank in Fordsburg, Johannesburg, was Suleiman “Solly” Dockrat, the Dubai-based owner of Sedgars in Vereeniging.

Suleiman is a cousin of Farouk Dockrat, the manager of the family business, Fashion World SA. The two cousins are married to the Essop sisters.

All the money put into the golf estate was channelled through Sedgars and they took out two bonds on the development.

The golf estate is situated between the Indian Ocean on the one side and the dense forest of the Tsitsikamma National Park on the other.

Photo: Tsitsikamma Coastal Golf Estate in 2008.
At the time when the Dockrats bought into the development, 300 of the 500 stands were already sold. From 2008 the Dockrats ceased financing the project, effectively freezing the development. Three years ago everything came to a standstill and all contractors moved off site because they weren’t paid. According to the estate’s then manager Greg Pearson, he begged the family to continue to finance the project so that the people could start building on their sites and the development could become viable and populated. In September of 2011 Eskom cut power due to non-payment.

Despite the R56-million Pearson says was invested in the construction of the golf course, the Eskom cuts and lack of water supply gradually led to its ruin. In January last year Suleiman Dockrat phoned Pearson from Dubai informing him that his cousin Farhad was coming to do “some remedial work” on the site and told him to allow him access to the premises.

Pearson acceded, and later discovered that Farhad Dockrat and his sons had occupied the offices where the home owners’ association’s documents were kept. There were mattresses and food spread all over the offices and seven members of the family were camping out in the building. Despite laying charges with the police, no steps were taken.

During that visit Pearson saw at least one AK-47 rifle lying in the open on a desk in the office. Farhad and his sons were all carrying side arms. Pearson said they appeared to regard themselves as “untouchable”. His wife said that on the first day the new owners moved in they stood in the back of bakkies brandishing firearms and shouting: “We are in charge now.”

The Dockrats instructed Pearson’s mother-in-law, who had been staying and working on the golf estate, to move out of the house because they wanted to live there. She refused.

That’s when she says the intimidation started, with people shining torches through her bedroom windows at night and walking around the house to scare her off. After seven months of this, and fearing for her life, the elderly woman moved out.

In 2012, Pearson drafted a letter on behalf of the homeowners’ association of the golf estate and sent it to the defence attaché and the legal attaché at the United States Embassy in Pretoria.

He also sent copies of the letter to Muhammad, Sayed, Suleiman (Solly) Dockrat as well as to Jan and Willie Malan, the developers who had started the project and who still held a 30% share in the development. An extract from of the letter gives surprising insight into how brazen the operation was.

“We were shocked to learn and it has been confirmed by the United States Embassy as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, that the person appointed by you to do maintenance work on the golf course, Farhad Ahmed Dockrat (as well as his cousin Junaid Ismail Dockrat), are listed by the United Nations Security Council as being terrorism facilitators and terrorist financiers for al-Qaeda. In addition they have been listed as the United States Treasury Department per Executive Order 13224 (Terrorism Sanctions Act) as well as being listed on the United States EPLS Exclusion List as terrorist suspects.

“We protest most strongly at your placement of him and his family members here as you must have been aware of the above facts which you never disclosed to the members of the Tsitsikamma Home Owners’ Association, according to the articles of the association are responsible for the control, management and property control of the Tsitsikamma Coastal Golf Estate and would not have approved of your placing him here if these facts were known.

“With your Mr Suleiman Dockrat’s consent, Farhad Ahmed Dockrat and family broke into the locked office of the Home Owners’ Association and have in their possession property of the Home Owners’ Association as well as personal belongings not belonging to them, all of which, according to the SA Police, Storms River, Mr Suleiman Dockrat has claimed as his own.

“Tsitsikamma is known worldwide as a popular tourist and vacation destination, and this generates most of its revenue. We have now learned that since the arrival of Farhad Dockrat and his family, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has red-flagged Tsitsikamma as a possible terrorist hotspot, and this is totally unacceptable to the local community and all affected parties.

“The negative impact that this news will have on Tsitsikamma is obvious and we therefore strongly object to the presence of this man and his family in our community. We thus respectfully request you to immediately remove him, his extended family and his personal workers, all of whom reside in the office building on the Golf Estate along with their personal belongings. As a community we most definitely do not want to be seen harbouring an alleged terrorist who is a financier and facilitator of al-Qaeda.”

As a matter of right to respond, Daily Maverick sent a detailed list of questions from this investigation to the Dockrat family. They have chosen to send the following response, addressing only the Tsitsikamma development, which we publish in its entirety:

African Continental Development

The Company, being the owner of the Tsitsikamma Golf Estate, believes that the malicious allegations have been instigated by and emanate from a disgruntled ex-employee arising from a criminal charge laid against him.

The Company welcomes all investigations by the South African Police Services and other Agencies regarding the alleged illegal activities, and will fully cooperate with the authorities in such investigations.

We trust that the Daily Maverick is not being driven by an Islamophobic attack generated by a commercial venture of the Tsitsikamma Golf Estate, which has been placed under care and maintenance arising from the current economic climate; a fate suffered by numerous golf estates.

When asked for comment, Hawks spokesperson Captain Paul Ramaloko stated that they do not comment on ongoing investigations.

At this moment, it is unclear where the story about the Dockrat family and their continuous attempts to establish a safe haven for training purposes will end. It is as yet unclear who issued the order to stop intelligence gathering from Greylock farm and who issued the seizure of all the gathered material. Daily Maverick is acutely aware of how important that piece of the puzzle is. We have some information, but not yet in a form which we can present to you, our reader. Perhaps the best way to end this story, for now, is to quote a well-placed source in the intelligence community:

“We’ve dealt with the Boeremag, why are we not dealing with al-Qaeda?”DM