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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Trade Unions Strike Again

We all know that the educational system in this country is falling apart and has been rotting from the inside out for almost 2 decades. But now we can see that it is not only the pathetic ANC policies relating to education that have bred a generation of illiterate and unemployable youth that have an entitlement mentality. The call by COSATU and SADTU and various other teachers' unions show us the other half of a depressing story.

For weeks now teachers have been on a go-slow and are now protesting because Minister for Basic Education Angie "Motshekga had withdrawn from an agreement which would have increased the tariffs paid to matric markers. They were also protesting about the Limpopo textbook saga, school closures in the Western Cape and education inequality." 

So basically it has boiled down to this: "We will forfeit the rights of the children to receive an education simply because markers will not earn more money for the same amount of work and over issues which came to a head over a year ago when we didn't give to hoots about it."

In today's twist of the story the parasite Western Cape COSATU secretary Tony Ehrenreich has called for grade 10, 11 and 12 learners (these grades are in no way important at all for pupils "lennas" wanting to go to university) to take a day off of school and to join in the protest.  Granted, these are important issues which should be dealt with by teachers and should be cause for concern - but where the hell is the logic in pulling kids out of school? School holidays have just ended - why could the teachers and unions not have protested and marched then? Well its simple - they were having their hard earned break and by protesting mid-term they get another day off from work to engage in their favourite activity - complaining!

It is now very clear where the protest mentality comes from - it is actively being taught to children by their teachers during school hours! And this is why we will never progress - simply because teachers are more worried about how their lives can be made more comfortable than giving kids the attention and training that they need in order to better their lives. And come the end of the year we will all be wondering how and why the matric result are so dismal that they need to be inflated again even after the standards have been dropped through the floor.

And the final thing that should never be forgotten is that all of these trade unions are affiliated with the ANC - which means that all of their protest action is sanctioned and possibly even planned by the ANC themselves! Clear proof that the ANC requires its voters to be uneducated and well versed in the art of violent protesting! How utterly pathetic!

Pupils asked to take day off, join protest

2013-04-23 10:23
Cape Town - Cosatu and teachers' unions have asked high school pupils to take a day off to join a protest march against education inequality, it was reported on Tuesday. 

"We feel everyone must make a sacrifice of one day to highlight the inadequacy of their schools," Western Cape Congress of SA Trade Unions [Cosatu] secretary Tony Ehrenreich told the Cape Times.

Grade 10 to 12 pupils were reportedly asked to join in the march to Parliament on Wednesday.

Cosatu and the SA Democratic Teachers' Union [Sadtu] said similar marches would be held across the country to draw public attention to the call for the resignations of Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga and education director-general Bobby Soobrayan.

Union members were protesting because Motshekga had withdrawn from an agreement which would have increased the tariffs paid to matric markers. 

They were also protesting about the Limpopo textbook saga, school closures in the Western Cape and education inequality.

Sadtu provincial secretary Jonovan Rustin told the newspaper teachers had already discussed how they would make up the work missed.

According to The Cape Times, provincial education MEC Donald Grant said the march was not in the best interests of pupils.

"Once again, the best interests of learners are being placed at risk at what is for all of them a critical time in the academic year," his spokesperson Bronagh Casey said.

"As usual, everything will be done to minimise any disruption for the learners."


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