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Monday, 29 April 2013

R455million Tender Given To Convicted Fraudster!

And again we have another perfect example of just how the ANC effectively gives us the finger while dealing with our tax funds. Shawn Mpisane, who was convicted of tax fraud in 2005, has been awarded a Tender to the value of R455 million for some kind of maintenance and cleaning work by the City of Durban - an ANC stronghold I might add.

Apparently there is legislation in Durban that allows the City to contract with convicted criminals? I highly doubt that would pass constitutional muster but then again how many in government in Durbs really care seeing as they will also be given their share of the contracts and have a chance to feed at the public trough and steal taxpayer money blindly... It works out great for the cadres deployed in Durban.

Wonder if I would still be allowed to contract with any government department if I had so much as an admission of guilt fine paid as a result of a bit of drunk driving?

And the last question to be asked is whether or not this kind of reporting will soon be a thing of the past when JZ signs in his lovely corruption hiding legislation...

But the good news really is that BEE is working - see how many black people have become fabulously wealthy as a result of the programs? Who really cares if they happen to be tenderpreneurs with criminal records as long as both my arms and no real interest in performing their obligations in terms of the tenders (definitely not those dishing them out anyway) as long as they get to have a massive chunk of public funds which will see them living the high life and shopping at exclusive store. It would be very bad press of the ANC bigwigs didn't have friends living at the same standard as them...

Shawn Mpisane - Timeslive

Shaun Mpisane scores tender worth R455 million

Sapa | 29 April, 2013 09:08

Durban businesswoman Shaun Mpisane was awarded tenders worth R455 million in terms of the of the city's controversial legislation that allows it to bypass the normal tender processes, the Mercury reported on Monday

According to the paper, a report tabled recently before the finance and procurement committee revealed Mpisane's company Zikhulise Cleaning, Maintenance, and Transport was awarded three section 36 contracts between July last year and March this year relating to an Umlazi housing project.
Ethekwini municipality treasure Krish Kumar said the contracts were as a result of an out-of-court settlement the city had with Zikhulise.
Mpisane took the city to court claiming that the project was stalled by city officials who questioned whether it should do business with a convicted person.
Mpisane has a 2005 conviction for VAT fraud.
The settlement allowed Mpisane to continue with the project, including new phases of construction.
Kumar said the city was entitled to award the contracts, as Zikhulise was the original contractor and a decision was taken that it was appropriate for the company to continue with the project.
In May Mpisane will stand trial for allegedly inflating invoices by more than R5m to cut her tax bill.
She also faces 53 charges of fraud, forgery, and uttering.
Mpisane is accused of submitting false documents to obtain Construction Industry Development Board gradings, which were then used to obtain public works department tenders worth R140m.
In another case she is charged with corruption for allegedly trying to persuade a state witness in one of her tax fraud cases to tamper with evidence.

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