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Friday, 19 April 2013

Poor Deluded Libtard Cyom - Mandela's Legacy

Over the last day or 2 I have been watching and participating in a post on Yahoo!Answers (link - my alias is Pinkpout on that forum). The OP initially asked the question: "What did Nelson Mandela do to help South Africa while presidency?
What are specific examples of what he did to help South Africa while he was president other than the world cup in 2010?"

I answered thus:

"I don't think Nelson Mandela even realised that we hosted the 2010 world cup seeing as he was 90 and entirely senile and hadn't been president for 12 years.

What did he do while president? Not much, helped himself to a ton of cash through the arms deal scandal and helped hush it all up. Allowed Apartheid to continue through devisive policies like BEE and AA which saw skilled whites retrenched en masse and replaced with inexperienced blacks. Paved the way for OBE to be implemented (which has seen pass requirements plummet to 30% which means we have kids finishing school who are illiterate). 

He legalised pornography (which had previously been banned), legalised the sale of alcohol on Sundays, started the disbanding of the farm commandos (which has led to widespread attacks and murders of farmers and their families). Increased taxes and even created some new ones. 

And considering that the bid to host the RUGBY World Cup in 1995 was won LONG before Mandela became president that cannot be attributed to him in any way.

Therefore, as far as I'm concerned the only thing Nelson Mandela has ever done for South Africa was maybe POSTPONE a civil war after the end of Apartheid. Otherwise I have no time or respect for the man."

v v v Libtard Bunny Hugger Denialist and Idiot

Not long thereafter one "Cyom" also answered the question with this:

"^^Afrikaaner Ultra Right Winger

Can't really recall anything else except act as symbol of unity and peace and unwittingly sell out his black brothers and sisters by agreeing to terms that suited the white minority."

After noticing this I thought that I would take pity on this poor soul and set him straight - so many people are under the delusion that Nelson Mandela is some sort of saint - so I edited my post with the following:

"EDIT @ Cyom - I am neither an Afrikaner nor am I a "right winger" as you think. You, on the other hand, are a libtard bunny hugger that would never accept the proof that Nelson Mandela was a convicted TERRORIST who authorised BOMBINGS of innocent women and children. I am actually a realist. Seeing as I am too young to have ever been a Nats supporter or even a voter until the THIRD round of democratic elections.
You should read the news a little more buddy. The decline of SA into the banana republic it is becoming started with your precious "peaceful" Mandela. You do realise that the Nats offered to release him several times over many years if he just promised to RENOUNCE violence? He refused. How peaceful was he really?

Oh and, I should add that CODESA took place BEFORE he became president - so you and your pseudo-intelligent reply is simply irrelevant seeing as it doesn't even remotely relate to what he did as president. "Peace and Unity"? Please - pull the other one."

I came back this morning to the following:
"White people have really undermined the fact that black people chose peace over what would have been a civil war.the Right Wing dimwit above clearly illustrate that.You mean to tell me you can arrest someone for over 20 years for fighting the rights of his people and then expect them to accept peace terms you offer them just like that?after years of oppressing the general population you have the nerve to call mandela a terrorist,when you f*cked up government would gladly open fire on rioting high school students.You can't sit there and claim terrorism on Mandela as if your government acted innocently. ANC took to guerilla tactics because your government kept purging all who tried to negotiate with it another man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter,perhaps you should read a little more.
How someone can sit there and justify a government on par with the Nazis baffles me,when the world was turning away from racism the Afrikaaners took it to extreme levels

So, being the kind person I am I thought I would reply with:
"EDIT 2 @ Cyom - Get Over yourself. Black people chose peace? That’s why the murder rate has ballooned to 20000 odd PER YEAR under ANC Rule. 14000 black on black political murders between 1990 and 1994? Peaceful you say?

The ANC did NOTHING to abolish Apartheid. Nelson Mandela was a figurehead and a terrorist. Should we all now start calling the Boeremag boys “freedom fighters” because they were fighting a racist and murderous regime? You have double standards buddy. You have sense of entitlement and superiority that is sickening! You are pathetic and think that I owe you something because you have a darker skin than me? Well guess what? I do not owe you, nor the rest of your race a single damn thing. Go out and earn it yourself unless you are incapable – and that INCLUDES my respect.

You low information voters piss me off because you shout racism the second something contradicts your illusions of “peace and unity and the nobleness of the South African black”. South African blacks can be as savage as the next.

And FYI – you may want to pick up a history book now and again – the ONLY reason Apartheid government killed ANY blacks was BECAUSE of their guerilla tactics of blowing up innocent people! MK were scared witless when they saw the SADF so instead targeted civilians. You may also want to read the TRC report on how many people died during Apartheid – in 46 years there were 7000 deaths in total caused by the SA government. Unlike now when you see police brutality every day. And while you do that go read up on what your precious Mandela condoned in places like Camp Quattro – I’m sure you’ll be surprised.

And on a final note – the ANC advocated “liberation before education”. They burned down schools, terrorized teachers and students and RIOTED. And we wonder why they are uneducated? SA was a world class country – education, infrastructure, low crime rates, health care, policing etc under the Nats. The only reason the Nats gave up power was due to sanctions from the western powers. They did not screw up the economy. 1989 – the Rand was worth $2. 1998 – $1 = R11, today $1 = R9.30. So which government screwed up the country? The ANC was handed a fully functioning state and took less than 20 years to turn it into mini-Zim. You need to get over yourself and your sense of entitlement. You sir do NOT deserve my respect until you earn it. Call me a right winder if you must – I will call you a LIBTARD like you are. 
And the fact that you resorted to swearing indicates that you have NO substance to back up your pathetic assertions. Pay too much attention to ANC propaganda? Time to wake up pal.

I have just been met with the following (and have decided to respond to it here because on Y!A there is simply not enough space):
"It really annoys me when stupid people compare government advocated murders to the today's crime statistics.
To address your uninformed assertions,The black on black murder between the ANC and IFP in KZN was advocated by the Defense Minister Magnus Malan,he supplied the IFP with weaponry and training in order to distabilise the Transition.Don't believe me go look it up.De klerk fired him as defense minister for having played a part in that bloodshed. And in KZN today there are no politically motivated murders between ANC members? That’s also Malan’s fault? Please – the issue was between the communist ANC and the IFP because the ANC hated competition. They wanted to be the only ones on the playground and this is why they targeted anyone who was not a member. They even had their own detention camps for people they thought of as traitors or who were their political opponents. It's seemingly black culture to react with savagery.

2nd point: like i said comparing the murder statistics of an oppressive regime to that of today's crime which can largely attributed go poverty is stupid.ANC doesn't send out secret police to invade households and purge its political opponents.But the Nats did.Police brutality is rampant nowadays but it's nowhere near what apatheid dished out.scores of people were known to have simply vanished at the hands of the aparthied police.(Oh please – poverty as an excuse for violent crime is plainly a crappy and overplayed liberal attempt at excusing the behaviour. Theft can be blamed on poverty, prostitution maybe – but murder, rape, robbery, assault and all in between? Not a chance. Being poor does not excuse the use of violence.

The ANC don’t use the police the same way the Nat's did? Look again – Marikana ring any bells? And how about the youth militias that are stalking and murdering farmers and any whites living on plots and smallholdings for no reason? Those are ANC trained youth militias. The ANC even deliberately disbanded the commandos which used to police the farms and keep the farmers safe - all so that there would be less chance of these criminal, murdering, savage, ANC funded thugs getting caught.)

3rd point:Boeremag are terrorist fighting a regime elected by the people of RSA as a whole,you can't compare things like BEE and AA to the hardcore Apartheid policies (I can and did on another Y!A post. But you are a hypocrite - the ANC bombs innocent people trying resist a racist government and you shout "freedom fighter". The Boeremag boys were entrapped by the police into PLANNING bombings to fight a racist government and you shout terrorist? Try and stay consistent - you lose credibility when you aren't. And just because the ignorant masses "elected" the ANC doesn't mean they're not racist - just some logical rational food for thought),I beg you to give me an example of an ANC policy that equates to systematcally oppresses white people.simply saying each company needs to have a certain percentage of people of colour in its managements structure is not oppression,Its transformation (Companies are forced to retrench their white employees to make way for black ones – not oppression? Not being allowed to hire white men at all is not oppression? Whites do not even get the same treatment through charities because of BEE - not oppression?).Business people who run these companies were there during apartheid and never did sh*t.So what would stop them from not promoting a decent and equally qualified black individual into a management position? (Did I say there was a problem with appointing a qualified black person? No – I said it’s a problem when they appoint simply based on black skin when they have no skills, expertise or experience and fire the whites who could have taught them – that is oppression. And as you said, those whites built those companies up from nothing to being the success they are – then having it given away to blacks who have no clue how to run it and see the company close its doors in 2 years? So the white starts again and when the company starts growing he is forced to give it away again? That is not oppression in your eyes?) That's what BEE and AA tried to address,Althou i admit both have failed but they are nowhere near comparable to apartheid policies (they are the same policies – job reservation on the basis of skin colour! The difference is that the NATs still expected competent workers).People who seem to think are generally poor white people who were generally too stupid to make the most of biased opportunities that were at their disposal during apartheid.You certainly seem like you were raised by the aforementioned individuals hence you possess so much bitterness about the current government. (You seem to think that poor whites were lazy? Guess what? Just like the ANC only benefit friends and family – so did the Nat's. I come from an English family which you may be shocked to discover were not the top of the food chain. I have worked for what I have. I earned my 3 degrees without financial help from anyone. 1997 – the bee act came into effect and my father was retrenched to make way for black employees and he happened to be a white man over 40. My mother then had to work 3 jobs to keep food on our table. When my father died in 2004 we were left with almost nothing. I worked damn hard to fund my studies. I finished in the top 5 in my university class for my LLB – but was turned down for 5 different posts with top firms because I was the wrong colour – said so in so may words. I have no problem with a black government – I have a problem with a bunch of criminals and terrorists stealing my money that I am forced to pay them every month. I am against a government that was given a functioning country and turns it to dog crap and cannot even take responsibility for it. Textbooks not delivered? Apartheid’s fault. Failures in maths and science? Apartheid’s fault – Verwoed made it too hard. Roads, electricity, inflation, Etolls, CGT, corrupt police, criminal police, criminal senior officials – can all of that be blamed on apartheid? I think not!)

The ANC existed from 1912,during that time they embarked on peaceful negotiations with the british government but 1948 racist Afrikaaners took over at a time when the world was turning its back on racism,they on the other hand took it to extreme levels and then banned the ANC thats why the ANC resorted to violence.One key the Nats did was provide inadequate education to the native population,I mean to be a doctor you needed a national screening.I'm not suprised you're full of praise for the Nats thou,it's typical of most white people. .(The anc was banned in 1960 because of its policy of violence – along with the PAC – it had nothing to do with black/white. You don’t seem to understand what Apartheid was – it was separate and equal development. The Nat's spent more white taxpayer money on blacks than they did on whites and the blacks hardly paid any tax at all. It was the ANC and PAC’s policies of violence that led to most clashes with the police and SADF. All people had to go through the same screening in order to become doctors - its called merit – and during Apartheid more black doctors were produced in SA than in any other African country. The Nat's built 10 universities for blacks. Bantu education was better than OBE – you cannot deny that and if you do I will apologise for arguing with a retarded person because I was told never to enter into a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Granted it was different, but I have looked at the legislation and the Bantu education syllabus was not that different to white education. The only real differences were that the subjects were first taught in native languages and then as students progressed they had to start learning in English/Afrikaans simply because it is not possible to teach advanced maths, science, biology, geography etc in a native language, get with the program. And the finally that there was an added focus on physical subjects like woodworking etc.)

All those things you listed as things that made RSA a world class country were at the disposal of white people only.Health care?Apartheid only started allowing black students to do engineering in 1985 (Really? Then why were there black students studying engineering in the 1970’s),even then there had to be about 3 or 2 per univesity.The averag black south african could only go as far being a teacher a nurse a social worker or a doctor if they got really lucky.(So please explain how in 1975 there were approximately 18 185 black students enrolled at white universities? source. 
  • You also fail to explain how Nelson Mandela and countless other blacks managed to become lawyers during Apartheid South Africa with a better degree than my LLB?
  • You further do not address the fact the Apartheid government built ten universities for blacks including Medunsa which is a unique MEDICAL university that turned out 200 highly qualified black doctors every year all at state costs, paid for by the white taxpayers. It also trained paramedics and nurses.
  • Since 1970 the budget for black education was raised by about 30% per year every year. More than any other government department.
  • In the period 1955 -1984 the amount of black school students increased 31 times from 35,000 to 1,096 000.
  • 65% of black South African children were at school compared to Egypt 64%, Nigeria 57%, Ghana 52%, Tanzania 50% and Ethiopia 29%.
  • Amongst the adults of South Africa, 71% could read and write (80% between the ages 12 and 22). Compare this to Kenya 47%, Egypt 38%, Nigeria 34% and Mozambique at 26%.
  • In South Africa, the whites built 15 new classrooms for blacks every working day, every year. At 40 children per class it meant space for an additional 600 black students every day!!!
  • In 1985 there were 42,000 blacks at 5 universities in South Africa, about the same amount at the universities of the homelands. YEAH - education was terrible. - thanks Mike)
The rest were confined to a life of either being a domestic worker,a factory worker or an assistant to an artisan (Do you understand that the Homelands were places that the black tribes had originally inhabited? And that the aim was for them to become independent states governed by blacks? But instead of working to make the Homelands a success and profitable most blacks preferred to come to white cities to find work – its easier to draw wages than it is to work for your own account. And because the white cities were saturated with white professionals the only positions that were necessary were labour positions.).and yet you claim we had high standards of education.Now we have over 5000 black engineers all over the country,accountants etc. (And very few of them are qualified for their posts because of the utterly pathetic state of the current educational system. I have come across some exceptionally intelligent black people in several professions and I would never deny them any success they have achieved. But BEE and AA have allowed and caused functionally illiterate graduates to flood the market – they are the appointed to meet BEE quotas 90% of the time and cannot handle the work.)

On the issue of MK:History will tell you that the RSA military recieved trianing from either the US or Israel,the latter continued to supply military equipment to RSA even after was under heavy sanctions.So you see try to compare apples with apples,MK had no international force backing them and supplying them with weapons.The soviet union was only interested in backing you if you had something to offer them in terms of resources etc ,(History will also teach you that the MK received training from the soviet union which also funded them together with the Cubans – heard of the border war? That’s who the SADF were fighting. Many of your ANC darlings have it on record and in published papers that they received training and funding from these communist countries.) .MK being a guerrila movements had none of those at their disposal.hell America continued to systematically supply weapons here even after sanctions were put in place (What government in the world would supply arms to a terrorist organisation? Except the ANC of course…as evidenced by their support of Robert Mugabe).So don't boast about the SADF as if they were up against an enemy with the same supply of resources and man power.(Here is a little info about the SADF – they held off 2 much bigger countries during a war in a country that wasn't even their own – the border war – with minimal causalities. They had discipline and knew what they were doing. The ANC were a bunch of scared children who attacked civilians who could not fight back. They would never have dared take on the SADF even if they were similarly armed. The MK stalwarts are now being given positions of authority in the army and look what happened in CAR? Can't even fight off a ragtag bunch of rebels. They had their asses kicked – and they have training from the states. But they have no discipline).

Substance?giving praise to a system that is on par with the Nazis and yet you claim to know anything about susbstance?b*tch please.I don't even know why you're so angry,nobody oppressed your mother or father based on their skin colour.(On par with the Nazis? Now I know you listen to too many ANC speeches – there was no genocide of blacks in SA ever – Nazis tried to eliminate Jews. Whites in SA uplifted blacks as much as possible  - but you breed like cockroaches so its almost impossible to keep up. And resorting to calling me a bitch? You say it like its a bad thing? Simply shows me that you have no substance to your arguments, your personality or your ideologies.) 

Why am I angry? My parents may not have been oppressed but I am being oppressed by a government that is clueless and led by a rapist and terrorist and fraudster with a bunch of his friends stealing my tax money, allowing crime to run rampant, deliberately trying to exclude me from active citizenry and commerce through every trick they know. Keeping the sheeple like you blinded while destroying everything around them and you support them! Your parents may have been “oppressed” at one time but you are not and yet you cling to something that never affected you because it makes you feel better about yourself. (You may say it has psychological effects? Please! If you are that insecure about yourself and your ethnicity and race then that is your problem - not mine. Build a bridge.) Because it means you never have to work – just hold out your hands for a handout. Because it works for you and gives you an excuse to hate me based on my skin colour without having to wonder what your motives are. You sir are a fool and will live to regret it. 

As of yesterday "Cyom" has decided that he did not want the world to see his pathetic liberal answers and has thus deleted them - luckily I managed to put them up here for posterity.

In addition, last week he started a question which I have now answered as well:

See the original here - before he deletes the question too.


  1. nicely answered gg...but why, when these so-called oppressed (now privileged) are proven wrong with facts and history, do they always resort to personal attacks and entertaining them they attach themselves to you and don't stop sucking the life out of you...ignore em like dried out dog turds..

    1. I would usually agree with you - but after several days of this "born frees" pathetic and deliberate ignorance I felt slightly wrathful. But naturally the coward refuses to actually debate me - but like I said, I was told never to enter into a battle of wits with an unarmed person. But this could at least serve as a bit of an eye opener to people receptive to the truth.

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