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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Equality - SA Style

This is what equality in the New South Africa has boiled down to - if I can't have it then no one can. This is blatantly clear when you read about how residents of an illegal informal settlement in the Western Cape threatened to torch a crèche (and actually started the fire which was luckily extinguished) while there were children still inside!

This is where we can see just how much human life (especially the loves of children) mean to Africans - for explanatory purposes - they don't! 

The people were so upset that the crèche was not demolished by police like their half built, hazardous piles of cardboard that they threatened the owner and then actually set fire to the shack the following day. What I would really like to know is how many of the crowd that were pissed off enough to attempt killing a bunch of helpless CHILDREN were parents to any of the kids? Now that would show you just what "unbuntu" in S really is. And then I get called a racist for calling these "people" heartless savages? 

Crèche with kids inside set on fire

2013-04-25 09:10
Cape Town - Angry residents tried to set alight a crèche in Mfuleni even though there were still children inside.

The Cape Argus reported the community members were angry after some shacks were taken down by city officials but the crèche wasn’t.

“They started to burn it on Monday with the children still inside, but we managed to put that fire out, it just burnt a corner of the shack,” said Phandulwazi crèche owner Belinda Manakazi.

Manakazi said she had permission from the police to put up a shack but her neighbours didn’t.

 “They said that it was unfair that I was still left there.” 

She said one woman intimidated the children and threatened to burn the crèche down the day before. 

Mayoral committee member for human settlements Tandeka Gqada said Manakazi did not have permission to be there but officials couldn’t evict her as her structure was occupied. 

“The city is required to get a court order to evict someone once a property is occupied. The city’s Anti-Land Invasion Unit did, however, remove a number of partially built structures… This is allowed in terms of the legislation,” said Gqada. 

A police spokesperson confirmed that a woman was arrested for intimidation and threatening to burn down the crèche. 

The toddlers are now crammed into their Manakaza's living room.

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