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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Celebrating Chris Hani

Chris Hani was killed in 1993 - I was not even 8 yet. Today happens to be the 20th anniversary of his death. And in much the same way as the liberal retards celebrated the passing of Margaret Thatcher recently I similarly will be celebrating today. Celebrating the fact that we have had 20 years without this terrorist in our midst. Celebrating the fact that we were spared having to live under his rule. Celebrating the fact that he was prevented from causing more of the same pain and suffering that he spent years causing as a member of the ANC's MK.  Celebrating that one of South Africa's worst marxists was never allowed to destroy us with his communism shyte (I am firmly of the belief that had Hani been allowed to live and run the country things would have been twice as bad in half the time).  Today I will remember Chris Hani -  a man who was responsible for the deaths of countless innocent civilians, for bombings, kidnapping, tortures, murders, assaults and hypocrisy (he was a communist catholic?).

I usually complete the poll on News24 but today I see that they have left no option for me to vote for. had there been an option D - for his terrorist activities that would have been my pick.

Tonight I will be raising a glass of champagne to Clive Derby Lewis and Janusz Walus. It was their foresight that saved us from the curse that would have been a Chris Hani administration.

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