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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Affirmative Coffee At UP

Well, I'm not entirely sure how this campaign was intended to highlight racial profiling and affirmative action at the university. As en ex-Tukkie myself I either had to laugh or cry when I read this and all I can say is that the white graduates will have to get used to paying more for their "coffee" when they hit the real world. 

Afriform has decided that they will run a campaign based on affirmative action at UP today in which whites will be charged R5 for their coffee, coloureds and Indians R3 and blacks R1. To round it off perfectly, ANC supporters will get free coffee provided they "donate" some cash.

You see, this really has very little to do with racial profiling and more to do with highlighting real world truths - like white people (because they are white) will always be paying the biggest chunk for the services/products they receive which automatically subsidises those paying less - if you assume that the people selling the coffee are at least trying to cover their costs.

So to explain it all, if the coffee retailer is government and the coffee represents services like water, roads, policing, electricity etc, then its obvious that the R5 being paid is tax which goes to cover those services. Now, when you provide the same services to others at a lower cost (ie: R3) then either their service has to be of a lower quality or money from the first class of payers must be used to pay the balance. The same goes for those who pay the least - if they receive the same service then it stands to reason that money must be used from the higher payers to provide that service. 

Interestingly enough they also have "free" benefits for ANC supporters who make donations to their "corruption fund" which is a very separate money collection method. This mirrors the ANC's current policy - support the ANC, give us a "donation" and you can receive the same benefits paid for by others while we pocket your donation.

Hope the kids are paying attention.

Apr 25 2013 12:08PM

AfriForum Youth will highlight affirmative action by charging students of different races different prices for a cup of coffee at the University of Pretoria (UP) on Friday.

White students would pay R5 a cup, coloured and Indians R3, and blacks R1, AfriForum Youth chairman Barend Taute said in a statement.

African National Congress supporters would be given a free cup of coffee if they dropped a donation into a box marked "Corruption Fund".

Taute said the campaign was being held to commemorate Freedom Day, and to draw attention to the impact of racial profiling.

"[Nineteen] years after South Africa was ostensibly freed from racial profiling, students at the UP are still admitted based on their race," he said.

"Students want to be free from racial profiling, and this action is a way to show how inane racial bias has become."

Taute said a recent referendum at UP indicated that 97 percent of students supported the abolition of racial profiling.

The coffee sales would start at 10am on Friday.



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