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Monday, 4 March 2013

Time for a Career Move...

You know, I was a good kid. I did the things expected of me. I went to school and while I was there I worked hard and managed to get a pretty decent matric with several distinctions. After that I went to university and got myself an LLB cum laude. I started working and was making a pretty decent living for a candidate attorney in a small firm. At the same time as I was working my ass off to be admitted as an attorney I managed to complete the first of my LLM's (the second is still in progress). After admission I was promoted within my firm to the level of associate and my salary jumped - as would be expected. And after 2 years of early morning, late nights and weekends of work I was asked to become a partner - a position I readily accepted. I had now achieved my dream and my monthly earning jumped again to be in line with my new position...

But after all of that hard work (forgetting the fact that I love my job and could never see myself doing anything that was not very closely related to the legal field) I think that I may have gone into the wrong profession. You see, as much as I invoice out a decent sum of money for the firm and take home a respectable amount of money every month (and we have some pretty big clients that keep us on retainer) we have never yet managed to invoice out R140 million for one single project. That would be a dream come true. For that amount of cash I would happily be at the beck and call of one single client for the next 20 years day and night (were I still inclined to work after being paid). But unfortunately there are no government departments that any of our partners are closely connected to enough to receive such a large sum of money for hardly any work needing to be done.

And that is why I really wish right now that I had studied webdesign and that I was very closely connected politically to the guys in charge of the Free State provincial government. It has been reported that they have spent an amount of R140 million on a WEBSITE(?????). The amounts may be disputed but as a woman who is going to marry a graphic and web designer I know that the type of site that that government department has is nowhere near worth R140 million or even R40 million for that fact. That site at best is maybe worth R35 000 due to the content and maintenance. 

So I may have realised my childhood dream and become a successful attorney before the age of 30 but I'm seriously reconsidering a change of careers - tenderpreneurship seems to pay pretty well in the country... and there is no limit to finds seeing as Pravin will simply increase taxes so that this kind of money can be dished out to the politically connected elite... Where do I sign up?

This is rthe kind opf blatant theft of taxpayer money that we are seeing daily. Billions spent on upgrading and furnishing Ministers' homes, hundreds of millions spent on building a private compound residence for the thief at the top of the chain president, millions spent on nepotism and cadre deployment (Railway Safety Regulator 

CEO 'spends taxes on jobs for friends') and any amount of similar stories that come to light on a regul;ar basis. It is utterly disgusting that we can sit back and allow the thieving ANC to appropriate our hard earned money simply to redistribute it into their own pockets.

R140 million for a website? Pinch me because I must be dreaming - or has April Fools come early???

Free State premier and provincial ANC chairman Ace Magashule. File photo.

Free State government spends R140 million on website: report

Sapa | 04 March, 2013 10:24

The Free State provincial government spent R140 million on its website, it was reported on Monday.

Free State director general Elzabe Rockman signed a three-year contract to redesign the website in 2011, the Sowetan newspaper reported.
She had reportedly disputed the amount, claiming it was actually R40 million.
The agreement was signed with businessman Tumi Ntsele, who reportedly holds tenders with several other provincial departments.
The Sowetan reported that the company was awarded the tender even though two other companies submitted significantly lower bids.
Etionee Bruwer, owner of web development company Jam Factory, told the newspaper the amount charged for the website was "ridiculous".
"The company that is working on that site is probably making R3.5 million profit a month," he said.
Bruwer said the most paid for a website was R12m, by financial institutions which needed to protect sensitive information.
Ntsele told the newspaper opposition parties had an agenda against black businessmen and that the website's cost was fair.

See the website here

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