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Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Poor Black Male and Savagery

Everyday I read articles in the news about things that make me wonder what the hell is happening to this country. But this morning I read something that literally makes my blood boil and turns me into someone who could quite easily murder the sick bastards that did this with my bare hands.

We all know that South Africa is rife with crime and that no one is particularly safe at all. Our homes have become prisons that we lock ourselves in at night so as to give ourselves some sort of comfort that we are "safe" and thus allow us to sleep - if uneasily. The truth though is that no matter what we do if the bastards want into your home they will get in. Now, as distasteful as it is robbery on its own would not be too much of an issue - if they were simply entering our house and cleaning it out of any and all valuables only - because material things can be replaced and at least all of your family members would still be unharmed the next morning even if shocked.

But that is not the case. Not at all. Instead we have groups of violent criminals who enter our homes, torment, terrorise, abuse, assault, rape and murder entire families. And often the people that are targeted for this kind of treatment are helpless in any event - the elderly, infirm and children.

This morning I came across an article on the News24 website - Robbers pepper-spray sleeping baby.
I ask you, is it really necessary to repeatedly spray pepper-spray into the face of a 4 month old child sleeping in his mothers arms? Is there any way that the infant could have been seen as a threat to the marauding and cowardly bastards? The thieving scumbags also traumatised a 3 year old by pointing a gun at her!! 

I don't really care what excuses they give, there is nothing at all that could EVER absolve them of this kind of behaviour. Naturally you'll have people like Gillian Schutte who will blame the violence of these filthy black male criminals on Apartheid and the legacy of white patriarchal oppression or some stupid liberal crap like that. The poor black darlings can do no wrong and when they do then its never their fault and is always the fault of the white man oppressing them, Apartheid or colonialism - whichever is the first excuse to pop into their mind when questioned. And the liberal retards like the pathetic excuse for a woman Gillian Schutte immediately jumps to defend them - trying to make themselves feel better by vilifying the victims who have been savagely abused and traumatised by the actions of the savage black male! (Read Gillian's latest treatise on race issue here)

Gillian Schutte - the self-hating white woman and self-proclaimed "feminist" (a feminist who married a black man in whose culture women have less value than a few cows and are good for nothing other than bearing children and working to please the man in any way possible - great feminism huh???) has again decided that she will be a hypocrite and excuse the savage black male tendencies by laying all of the blame squarely at the feet of white men and a regime that ended more than 20 years ago. According to her rant its the white man's fault that black men make up 90% of our prison population, that black men are the biggest perpetrators of violent crime like murder, rape, assault, robbery etc because they are somehow still being subjugated by whites? 

I ask her how? AA, BEE, ANC, a whole host of "black only" forums and government quotas in schools, government positions, private companies, sports etc see that the black man is the last person to be subjugated at all in this country - least of all by white men (who are actively excluded from almost everything except private enterprise - until BEE kicks in again) and more often than not by OTHER BLACK MEN (read ANC). And she talks about the "wealthy black elite" exceptionally scathingly - and yet she married one!!! I say again - hypocrite! (Although personally I think the only reason she married him is because there is no self-respecting white man that would put up with her liberal and "feminist" shit!)

This woman is clueless and I would love to see her face reading this article. Is she going to tell me that a gang of black men felt so threatened by "white subjugation" that they felt it necessary to pepper-spray a 4 moth old baby repeatedly??? That they felt it necessary to point a gun at a 3 year old and threaten her life??? It was the legacy of "white male patriarchal domination" that cause them to see infants and toddlers as threats??? PLEASE - no way! After this she will simply have to admit that the average black South African male is savage at heart, is filled with irrational hatred and actually enjoys inflicting pain on those weaker than he is and does it simply because he can. And on average when they commit crimes against white people it is simply because they are white - how else do you explain the level of depravity displayed by them in their actions? Gillian, it is now time to catch a wake up.


  1. gillian schutte is a useful libtard idiot, riddled with white guilt disease...and to be ignored like a dried out dog turd...

    the law of averages dictates that she will face the true nature of the noble savage...

    1. I agree 100% And I would love to be there to say "I told you so"

    2. Spot on, all one can do is to despise this lowlifebitch, because that's all she is. I hope the African culture cathes up with this piece of scum, and that she gets HIV infected, that will round her life perfectly off.

  2. This is the same problem all over the world. Admit it there is something wrong with blacks on a Darwinian scale. God can only have so much mercy on them, sometimes the only solution is to remove them from this world.

    1. Well only time will tell and there will be justice at some point. All we can hope is that it comes sooner rather than later.