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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The ANC Is Not The Problem????

Another attempt at absolving the ANC from all responsibility by blaming whites and Apartheid – blacks can seemingly do no wrong seeing as their failures are always caused by us… Malaika Wa Azania on the Thoughtleader website defends her lovely corrupt ANC taskmasters and uses the white man and a 20 year old dead regime as scapegoats. Can they never once admit their own failures and take some sort of responsibility?

You’re right, the problem is not the ANC – the problem is the membership and ruling bodies of the ANC.

The oldest liberation movement on the continent, the African National Congress, is facing a crisis of great magnitude. Not only are there power struggles within the organisation but a sense of resignation towards the organisation in broader society. The masses have evolved from a state of defeatism — induced by the post-1994 euphoria — to frustration with the ANC-led government. For over a decade our people have had the retina removed from their eyes.
Its about time people started seeing the wood for the trees in this country – the ANC have been useless and have not delivered on one single promise made in 1994. Is it any wonder that people are disillusioned?
We’ve settled comfortably into a zone where we’ve been conditioned to believe the myth that was the “rainbow nation”. A myth designed by the ANC under the leadership of Nelson Mandela to foster relations between oppressed black people and their oppressor of many decades. But with the euphoria having died down and objective reality perpetually rearing its ugly head, our people have begun to understand the nature of this myth. To understand the South Africa that was sold to us in 1994 exists only in the minds of the architects of its propaganda.
No one in South Africa (aside from those die hard bleeding heart liberals) believes in any sort of “Rainbow Nation”. There never was any such thing and there never will be – it is a pipe dream and one that has brought and will bring each and every one of us misery. Glad to see that you are finally realizing that.
South Africa today is different to that painted when the country was sitting on the threshold of constitutional democracy. That South Africa was supposed to have been one where the people would govern in every sense of the word. The people would be the architects of the direction the country was to take, politically, economically and socially. That South Africa was supposed to have been one where children of the poor would have access to tertiary education. That South Africa was supposed to have been one of genuine social cohesion, where the previously conflicting races would converge to design solutions for the future.
The people do govern – badly. The people steadfastly believe that by voting for an inept, incompetent, idiot filled terrorist criminal organisation that they will have their needs taken care of. That is because they are being duped by the free T-shirts and KFC dished out during elections. It is the masses who have kept the ANC in power, who have allowed them to become complacent and who have never held them responsible for their failures. That is what the majority have voted for and what they have accepted. The ANC promised free education – and then made it a pathetic joke – and FYI, access to tertiary education is a privilege, not a right. Only the top academic achievers deserve it. There are a million and one other necessary skills that the rest can gain. The ANC is the entity breeding social unrest and disunity. “Shoot the boer” and “bring me my machine gun” and “chase them into the sea” – all in reference to whites – is breeding continued enmity. Blaming the whites for their failures – the ANC can be likened to the Nazi’s who used the Jews as scapegoats for all of Germany’s woes – remember what happened to the Jews when the German masses fell for it?
Instead we have a South Africa governed by the elite on behalf of the majority. A South Africa where even the delegates responsible for electing the leaders of the ruling party are treated as mere voting fodder, which exists to serve the agenda of the ruling elite. We have a South Africa where poverty and suffering have a black face, while privilege and opulence continue to assume a white face. The volatility of race relations has undermined the idea of social cohesion as envisaged in the “rainbow nation” project. South Africa is a country of vast economic inequalities, with the black majority on the receiving end of this injustice.
I hate to tell you this but that is how democracy works. People vote for a specific person/party to represent them and to discuss issues on their behalf. The elite that is in power bleeding the country dry was VOTED for by the majority. If you have a problem with the elite that are useless and corrupt and all round pathetic in every sense of the word then change your VOTE. The volatility of race relations? Not engendered by the white population – continued, furthered and spread by the ANC and their followers! Your immediate assumption that race relations plays a role in the failures of the ANC to actively govern and perform their mandate is telling of your own racial bias and inability to see the wood for the trees on this issue. The vast economic equalities have been CREATED by the ANC! BEE and AA mean that the skilled whites have been pushed out to make room for the inexperienced and unskilled blacks – fine. The blacks are employed but how are they going to learn how to make the business profitable? The whites who could have taught the people employed by merit are no longer there! Those policies are effectively KILLING what were once extremely successful businesses. Why could the policy not be to take advantage of the skills learned by the whites and force a transfer of knowledge and skills to blacks instead of job positions and money? That way there would be an increase in the CREATION of wealth rather than a fight over the DISTRIBUTION of what is now limited?
Because not everyone understands the distinction between the party and the government, as well as the government and the state, the dissatisfaction of the masses with the status quo is projected and understood as failures solely of the ANC. And so when the masses revolt, they revolt not against the system that creates their suffering and abject poverty. They revolt against an ANC that is seen as the system itself. This revolt against the ANC, understandable as it may be, is greatly misplaced.
Again, the ANC being in charge of 8 of the 9 Provinces and having a majority showing the National Assembly IS the government. It is the policies of the ANC that are not being implemented or implemented badly. It falls to the deployed ANC cadres to do the work in the municipalities, cities, towns, provinces and everywhere else they are in power to provide the services. If the ANC didn’t hire based on political affiliation but rather on merit, experience and expertise then I’m sure we would have services delivered on time and with quality, a school system to be proud of and a growing economy and middle class. But no, the ANC hires cadres and their aunts, uncles and third cousins twice removed because that is how they roll. The revolt should be against the ANC because in most instances the ANC and government are the same.
Many of our people are of the view that what happened in 1994 was a revolution, a complete overhaul of the apartheid regime and all its institutions and socialisation. But what actually transpired was a political breakthrough, an annihilation of a minority dictatorship at the level of governance. This breakthrough did not in any way tear at the heart of the system of capitalism that finds expression through white supremacist ideology. The former president of the ANC Youth League, comrade Julius Malema, made a poignant assertion when he said: “What happened in 1994 was that we removed those signs that read BLACKS NOT ALLOWED and WHITES ONLY … ”
Julius Malema is a spoiled child who never knew when to shut his trap. Go and read the Constitution again sister – there are equal rights in there – first, second and third generation rights. The fact that the black majority do not enjoy these rights is traceable directly back to the ANC and their failure to implement anything at all! That “capitalism” that you speak of is such a derisive manner is what keeps food on your table, clothes on your back and money in your bank account. There is not one single example in the history of the world of socialism, Marxism or communism even remotely making peoples lives better. Those ideologies are the cause of more poverty, strife, violence, death, crime, corruption, human rights violations and dictatorships than any other put together! They are the cause of more social inequality than anything else. Do you think that by toppling a capitalist system you will suddenly be rich, have everything you ever dreamed and be living in a Utopia? If so then you are more naive than I thought. By removing free enterprise all you are doing is making yourself a slave to the government and giving away all of your rights and freedoms and self-determination. Only those in at the highest levels with friends at the top will prosper – you and I and the rest of the ordinary people will wither into nothingness and our entire existence will mean putting money in their back pockets that was meant to help the people as a whole. That is an ANC goal – not an Apartheid one. In fact that is why the Apartheid government fought a war in Angola and banned your terrorists “freedom fighters” – to prevent the scourge that is communism from taking over our country. Your beloved ANC is the culprit trying to make you poor.
This is in fact what happened. The institutionalisation of apartheid was reformed, while apartheid as a system was left untouched. Therefore the ANC inherited a South Africa that was and continues to be defined within apartheid ideology. It is the ruling party in a government that is located in a white supremacist and bourgeois state. The ANC is not in power, it is office. In this democratic dispensation, the power remains in the hands of the same people in whose hands it was during the apartheid dispensation. For this reason the ANC does not have the power to annihilate the economic inequalities that plague the country. It does not control the means with which these inequalities can be completely addressed.
Apartheid ideology? I ask you to please explain your use of the term. As I understand it from legislation, speeches, history and verifiable fact the only ideology of Apartheid was separate development of the various cultures and races. Nothing more and nothing less. So are you saying that this is what the ANC is still trying to achieve? Not at all. The ANC have lumped everyone together and have decided that there will be NO development at all. There is no white supremacy here – there is a black elite and a ton of black oligarchs – no white supremacy. You are factually incorrect to state that anything from the functioning Apartheid way of life and systems is still in place. You are simply spouting the same old used and abused propaganda and rhetoric of the ANC – blame Apartheid and whites for their failures and those of their supporters.
The problem in South Africa is not corruption as is projected. The problem is that there exists a structural inequality that subjects the black majority to having to fight for a piece of the cake while the bigger proportion of it is safely kept in the hands of a minority. So the argument the media likes to project is that if there was no corruption in the ANC-led government there would be equality. A convenient argument that seeks to defocus us from the real issue and the real cause of the status quo.
The problem is the culture of greed and entitlement which is fostered by your lovely communistic ANC – give to people who get pregnant as teens, give more if they deliberately abuse alcohol during pregnancies so that their child is born with a disability, and keep giving and giving and giving. Take from those who create and give to those who consume. That is the culture in South Africa – which is evidenced clearly by the corruption. You are again misinformed – at this point in time the black middle class outnumbers the ENTIRE white population. The majority of personally held shares on the JSE are in black hands. Black wealth and income growth is more than double that of whites. Blacks have first pick of schools, universities, jobs, tenders, grants, charities and in a million and one other ways. The wealth is now in the hands of the majority – with the minority still earning. The fact that the majority still has wealth is an indication of the fact that we are necessary when it comes to keeping this country afloat. You have done NO research and still quote the ANC lies. If wealth must be redistributed to the poor from the rich will you hold the same view when it comes to the Ministers earning millions? The Cyril Ramaphosas, the Guptas, the Patrice Motsepes, the Jacob Zumas? Must they also redistribute their obscene wealth to the poor as per your communistic/socialistic views? The media serves to highlight the ineptness and corruption of the failure that is the ANC. Without the media we would be unaware of how much of our tax money is being stolen, misspent and basically squandered. The media uses corruption to highlight the failure – not to say that without corruption there would be equality. And to a great extent the media shields the ANC – go see how the ANC influences the SABC and The New Age. You cannot have a democracy without a functioning media which brings to the fore the inadequacies and failures of the ruling government.
We must expose this fact because the liberal offensive that wants to project the ANC as the foundation of all ills in society is deceiving our people and demobilising them from investing energies in the fundamental struggle: economic freedom, freedom from the clutches of monopoly capital that has a white face. The ANC is merely a manager of the system, not the system itself. And what must be dismantled is the system. If we employ our energies solely in the dismantling of the ANC, we run the inevitable risk of being led by yet another manager of that same system, which is designed to keep the masses of our people poor.
You conclusion is again the same lie again and again and again – does the ANC pay you to write this? Dismantle the economic structure we have and implement your bunny hugger communist ideal and see how fast this country becomes Zimbabwe 2.0. You, my poor dimwitted sister, are clueless and woefully uninformed which means that there is no way that I can take your article or you seriously. You blame whites for your own failures, for your own mistakes and worst of all for the mistakes of your government! You have some growing up to do.

In short - the ANC as a whole is the BIGGEST problem in South Africa!

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