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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Nothing Special About Blacks

Ok… well recently the Mynews24 site publish an article on their website by someone calling themselves “Khuluza” – the article has subsequently been taken down and no trace is left - although I have seen a few bloggers who have noticed it and called it drivel as it so rightly is. And if you happen to have read the article you can tell why – the writing amounts effectively to hate speech. It is racist to its very core and so is the author – I was just surprised that it took News24 so long to actually delete it. And what’s worse than its racist slant is the fact that it is utterly and completely devoid of any kind of truth or logic. It should be simple enough to rebuff via a quick Goggle search.
It is nauseating the way whites think of themselves as the saviours of Africa. “Without colonialism, you would not have any infrastructure, without us there would be no development or technology”, they claim.  The yapping goes on and on. And frankly it gets me sick to the stomach.
Africa was a flea infested wasteland populated by a few warring tribes who were still living in the stone age when whites arrived here. While Rome some 2000 years ago had mastered the art of building colossal structures designed to stand the test of time, had running water, a functioning senate and democratic system with extensive laws relating to people, places, property, insurance, shipment and a wide range of others, court systems, westernised medicine, science, a written language and a flourishing economy  - Africans were still living in mud huts, wearing loin cloths, chasing after their food with spears and still hadn’t even invented the wheel when the whites arrived here. I would say that without whites there would still be nothing there today. (

What they forget to mention is that they contributed a lot to Africa’s woes.  One can mention disease, famine, wars and the erosion of our moral fibre as some of Africa’s challenges. Behind each of these is a white hand.  HIV or AIDS was first found in the gay community in USA in the 80s. Today the scourge has decimated and torn Africa apart.  Talking about gays, what is it with the west trying to shove this practice down our throats? Aid to Africa is now linked with gay rights. Allow same sex marriage in your country and America will reward you with funds. Joyce Banda the Malawian president repealed some anti gay laws and the USA sent in Hilary Clinton as a show of support. The funds followed.
Ok, granted, there was a ton of strife caused when a new culture clashed with their own – that’s a given in any kind of advancement – its human nature. But now we get to the rest of your pathetic rant:
Disease – you assert that Africans had no diseases before whites arrived? Please. (
Wars? I guess your tribal chiefs never ever had disputes or if they did they sat down and discussed them rationally and never came to warfare? FYI – Shaka and Dingaan and their ancestors were slaughtering other black tribes for centuries. That’s how you all ended up here in SA – you were chased down here by your Central African brothers. (;
African moral fibre? You do know that “morals” are a western concept – the idea that society determines what is perceived as wrong and right? Africans were told what was wrong or right by their chiefs – and that changed daily as their mood changed. You think that kidnapping a young girl and raping her to show intent to marry has any moral fibre? That sangoma’s will kill children and others to make muthi is chock-a-block full of morals? Men having sex with goats is filled with morals huh? (;;;;
HIV was first DISCOVERED in America simply because they had the technology and expertise to detect it. It was later traced back to AFRICA where it was discovered that the disease was originally contracted by Africans who either ate or had intercourse with apes – so much for that theory huh? And that shows tons of moral fibre too. (
Gay rights is an issue? Well I suppose that you have the right to believe what you do, but do you really expect a country to provide aid to a bunch of murderous misfits who institutionalize discrimination and persecution? Western countries should sit back and allow Africans to systematically exterminate and sideline certain people and STILL give out cash left right and centre? You really have that entitlement mentality ingrained in you. If you want to keep your African traditions then live without western aid. And do you even want me to start on the corrective rape that is engaged in by the black community? Morals and gay rights and the law flouted all in 1. How lovely for you! (;; )
Before the colonialists landed in Africa, the continent used to be a land of plenty.  Whilst the San enjoyed their nomadic way of life, the rest farmed and hunted in a sustainable way. Enter the colonialists and suddenly, elephants had to be killed for their ivory, cattle had to be slaughtered for export and the land had to be raped to produce crops for sell locally and overseas.   Never mind the chemicals which were used to poison the land or the destruction of the forests as land was cleared for commercial farming. Today the whole of Africa is a cesspool of overused, crowded and barren land.
Farmed and hunted in a sustainable way??? You call 5 mielies and a couple of emaciated cattle sustainable? Your people were starving because they hadn’t figured out crop rotation yet or how to protect those crops and their animals from droughts – dams would have helped but that never crossed their minds – locusts etc. A land of plenty? Have you seen the Karoo? The Highveld? Those are areas where its perfect to farm and live a quiet subsistence life without having a cooking clue how to farm of a large and productive scale?  (;  
Lets be honest here, the ivory trade has been going on throughout Africa since Ancient Egyptian times. MAMMOTH ivory was traded and carved in ancient Egypt – but yes, the ivory trade started with colonialism. The demand rose steeply during the years of colonisation for one reason – access was easier. And just for the record, Asian states are the ones who have the highest demand for ivory – not Europeans. And I'm entirely positive that the black tribes in existence at the time were extremely worried about killing animals (how I wish there was a sarcastic font). (

Cattle slaughtered? Well I'm pretty sure that the diseased ones were – to prevent them from passing on the illness to other animals and effectively wiping out whole herds. The cattle, which was not brought with the settlers, was acquired from the Khoi and then domesticated using European methods. And guess what? Their populations have grown exponentially and at one point SA had some of the best meat in the world being exported! With enough left over for us to enjoy a proper braai – the way we were meant to! I would love you to provide me with your proof that the white man slaughtered your cattle? I thought that was a Xhosa thing? 
Land raped? I'm sorry, have you any idea what that land looked like before commercial farmers came and put it into some kind of position to be useful and productive? The ground was fallow, the soil dry, infertile and home to at most scrub that cannot be eaten or used in any other manner for anything productive. What chemicals have poisoned the land? Not through farming properly and with the correct preventative measures being taken to prevent over-fertilization. You should see that this has only become a problem in the 10 years or so – I really wonder what took place that could have caused that? Oh I know – it may have been the giving of farms to inexperienced and uneducated black farmers that have no clue what they’re doing but wanted the land anyway. And maybe you should take a drive down to the commercial farms that have been given to blacks over the years – might give you an idea of what the land was like before the whites arrived. Fallow, lying bare and unused, houses barns, garages, pipes stripped bare and sold off – 90% National failure rate on redistributed farms. But I suppose it’s the evil white man’s fault huh?  (  
Believe it or not wars were as rare as a diamond.  But since the first white man landed in Africa we have never known peace.  Uprisings, civil strife are the order of the day across Africa. With the democracy that they introduced, elections are a bloody affair. War apparently is their culture. This is why the two biggest wars were fought in Europe. This is why America is the bully that she is. They are a warring people. We did not manufacture guns or bombs. These were introduced by colonialist so we could kill each other en masse.

Now you just make me laugh – “wars were are rare as diamonds”. And yeah, seeing as diamonds are extremely plentiful these days (commercially made mind you) then you are exactly right. There were constant wars between tribes, cattle raids, massacres, feuds, attacks and countless other incidences. Should I remind you of the Rwandan Genocide in 1992? No whites caused that one – it was between 2 BLACK TRIBES. War is human nature – unless you are finally admitting to not being human? 
The 2 biggest wars were fought in Europe huh? Lets see, there were 2 major wars fought in Europe over roughly a 10 year period. There was a winner and loser and everyone went back to living life and making the most of their situations. Wars have been constant in Angola, Congo, DRC, Malawi. Liberia (hey – no white people in that country ever!) doesn’t even have a functioning government and is controlled basically by a handful of rogue “generals” and rebels who maim and kill wherever and whenever they please. Children are forced to become soldiers (seldom happens in white countries – in fact children were always protected as far as possible) but in Africa its endemic. But you’re right, blacks killing blacks en masse is a white person thing. 
America is a bully because they are arrogant and have the biggest economy – they are effectively the schoolyard kings. The reason Africans never manufactured guns or bombs or anything other than a few mud bricks is simply because there was NO development. Without a written language you thought there would be technological progress? Blacks in Southern Africa hadn’t even invented the WHEEL for crying out loud. And yes, because white people are patriotic and feel a desire to protect their homes, families and countries from attack bigger and better weapons were created – and yes I will admit that greed to expand territory and wealth also played a role. Blacks still fought, only it was bloodier and required the use of a pointy stick. (
I watch television a lot and one of my favourite programs is ‘Psychic Detectives’. It is shocking the crimes that are committed in America and Europe.  And yes, this has found its way to Africa too.  Today we have crimes of passion and serial killings influenced by Europeans. Remember the Swiss psycho who mowed down close to 90 people? Remember too the constant school yard shootings? This is what has been introduced to Africa-callous disregard for another’s life.
Now I can see why your brain has been eroded to such an extent – “I watch television a lot” – I should warn you that TV was designed to keep the masses quiet. While you’re watching you’re not thinking. You have been completely drawn in.
The same crimes are committed in all countries – heard of Anene Booysen? That doesn’t shock you? Lets try the 3 kids who were stoned by other children in the Eastern Cape last year? Maybe look at the farm murders, tortures and rapes committed all over the country? How about the Mido Macia saga? What about the terrorist acts committed by the ANC and the PAC? Church Square bombing ring any bells? Winnie Mandela is being investigated in the deaths of 2 men 24 years ago who were tortured horrifically before being killed? Necklacing???? (Do I really need to post links?)
There is evidence of black serial killers everywhere - in fact the Wikipedia list below lists South African serial killers – and only 2 of them are white. Crimes of passion huh? You think that anger, rage, revenge, lust and passion are white imports? How many times have we read in the news of a BLACK cop killing his girlfriend and her lover? Of BLACK women setting fire to their husband/boyfriend because of infidelity? It’s a white thing huh? (;;
 Today we read about rape cases on a daily basis. When the imperialists arrived, they unleashed a brutal onslaught of rape. This resulted in the creation of a colored race. All over Africa there are millions of coloreds as proof of how widespread this practice was.  As Africans we respect our elders and it is taboo, to insults one’s elders. Not so in white culture. A famous cartoonist in South Africa is well known for ridiculing the very person who is his President.  The attack on black leaders by the white media is ruthless and unrelenting. Sometimes devoid of fact, it seeks to ridicule them at every turn. As with all things influential, this has passed on to our kids. Our morals as African are in danger of being totally washed away in the name of freedom of expression. You have a DA parliamentarian who thinks by associating with whites she can now speak as she please against a president old enough to be her father.
Again I have to ask you to clarify something for me – you say that rape is a white import? How can you say that when it has become an integral part of several black tribal traditions as a pre-requisite to marriage? Where women have no say in what happens to their bodies because they are sold like cattle? Rape is a black man’s sport. Elderly ladies, infants, children, black women, white women and even other men when behind bars. Rape happens in all cultures and across all race lines – the black male has simply perfected it. In every single country in the world you will find that black males are the most likely to commit violent crime like rape and murder – its statistically true – but surely if it was white culture it would be the other way round? (;;;;; )
You are alleging that it is impossible for there to be an attraction between white people and Khoi people? That there could never have been any consensual sexual relations between the 2 races which resulted in children? I find that the coloured people I know are extremely proud of their heritage and history – and they don’t feel like they are the result of an “accident”.
You know, respect is earned in white culture – simply because you have some white hair and few wrinkles doesn’t mean that you deserve to be respected. Your president is a thief, fraudster, accused rapist, philanderer and all round corrupt in every way possible. He has done everything he can to stop being prosecuted for his crimes while continuing to fleece the South African public of every cent he can get his grubby little hands on. Now is that deserving of respect? I think not. The DA parliamentarian you refer to is a well educated and extremely intelligent woman (is that why you seek to vilify her and exclude her from your sense of “Africaness”?  Because you are threatened by her?). She has simply realized that in order for South Africa to realize its potential the leadership has to be challenged and hard questions asked and for the truth to be brought to light. The only way you can say that is disrespectful is if you agreed with the way things are being done. That makes you an accessory to all of the rampant and blatant criminal activities undertaken by our current government.

 Black men on the other hand have no respect for anything other than older black men – not even the law! Look at how taxi-drivers behave on our roads – careless disregard for any and everyone else. Black men murdering as soon as someone says something they don’t like. Stealing whatever takes their fancy. Destroying property that belongs to others at the drop of a hat, stoning cars, burning down buildings, trains, schools and rioting senselessly and murderously – that is respect? How about the way that the miners rioted at Marikana completely disregarding the fact that they had signed employment CONTRACTS? How they decided that they wanted to kill 10 people simply because they could? How about the destruction of mine property, threatening other miners who wanted to work, brandishing weapons and threatening police and then STORMING police trying to protect innocent people? How many times have you seen a white face in those crowds doing the same things? But it’s a white import right? Yeah, black people have so much respect on the face of it – although I see very little respect at all for women, employers, police or even self.  

I do not disagree that colonialism brought development. But how certain are we that if whites had not come to Africa we would not have developed on our own?  It is the theory of evolution after all.  History shows that the Egyptians were the first of the ancient civilizations to develop handwriting, Throughout Africa we have buildings or structures that were built even before the first white man sailed to Africa. Our only sin was that we were developing at a slow pace and because Europe now had guns and boats they conquered us. In the process they unleashed all problems which outweigh any benefit.  We might have taken 100 more years to get to where we are today, but this would have been hundred times better than swallowing the evils of apartheid.  What is even worse though is that instead of admitting the evils of their way, whites pretend like they are a god send to Africa which is contrary to the truth. Sorry to say, but you are not superior.
How can we be certain that blacks would not have developed “on their own”? I refer you to my little explanation of the differences between European culture – specifically the Romans – 2000 years ago and that of the black culture 400 years ago. There can be no development when you do not have a written language, when you haven’t even mastered basic stonework, the creation of metal tools, clothe making (tying some animal skins around your waists doesn’t count) – how about plumbing? There wasn’t even a reliable system of government in place – tribal leaders were like the head of herds in the animal kingdom – the biggest and strongest being in charge and the smaller guys taking what they can get when its dropped. And you think that Africa would have developed all of these things? When? Other cultures were spreading around the world, building ships that could take them across oceans to explore other lands – I have never heard of any evidence that black people even crossed a lake by floating let alone building ships and boats. Europeans had already discovered that the earth was round and travelled around the sun and had calculated all of those things precisely – black people still had no concept of what the horizon was. You say it would have taken 100 years for black people to develop from stoneage to modern world? Please – there are tribes that still haven’t progressed and are living the same way that their ancestors did thousands of years ago.
You think blacks would have discovered SHOES, electricity, telephones, laptops, MEDICINE, hospitals, planes, cars, roads, indoor plumbing, building higher than singe story 1 room huts, rubber, petroleum, glass and a million and one other things introduced by western civilizations?
You write in English – a white import. You wear western clothes, watch western television, use a western computer and phone, perform a job created by westerners in an industry created by westerners to earn money invented by westerners in order to purchase consumer products introduced by westerners at the same time contributing to the retail economy created and refined by westerners, driving a vehicle created by westerners using fuel discovered and refined by westerners… See a pattern here?
Even the minerals in the earth would still be there without blacks ever knowing that they were there and even if they did not knowing how to get to them or what to do with them once they did. All of the things which you take for granted on a daily basis that makes your life easier and more pleasurable is a western import.
Evils of Apartheid – again that lovely phrase that has become synonymous with each and every single argument put forward by a black person in order to vilify whites. The attempt to scare people into remaining silent and not revealing the truth for fear of being called a racist – which has lost all meaning these days and is therefore irrelevant. It does nothing to bolder your argument at all. In fact it  undermines it seeing as the benefits to black people during Apartheid completely overshadowed the imposition of a few geographical restrictions – which I can see clearly now was for a very good reason. Wherever black people have spread into white areas since the end of Apartheid the result is the same – destruction of property, dereliction of maintenance, influx of crime and disease and white flight. It makes sense that it was better to separate the races – if only to protect ourselves from the viciousness of ANC supporters.

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