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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lost Cash and Acknowledgements of Debt

These are the people that we allow to remain in charge of our tax money? These are the people that have access to 42% of my hard earned cash? The very same people who "lose" money? The fact of the matter is that the money has been stolen or used "irregularly" to benefit friends and family members of the administrators.

R50 million that was meant for municipal development is "unaccounted for". It no longer even shocks me that this has taken place in an ANC province and ANC municipalities. Lovely right?

And on top of the "loss" of R50 million, over 2000 Gauteng officials who have been found to be involved in housing fraud amounting to almost R12 million have not been fired or even suspended - instead they have signed acknowledgements of debt and have been allowed to return to public "service". This is what we are given by the ANC government - thieving and corrupt "civil servants" who are allowed to continue with their duties and retain their employment after having been found to have stolen public funds???? 

But as always this will never be blamed on the abject incompetence of the ANC and their black place holders employees. This will always be the fault of the evil white man and Apartheid or colonialism or something like that. this is just a taste of what we can expect in the future as the pathetic and criminal communist ANC cronies and cadres continue to blatantly steal public funds in order to line their own pockets. Naturally this will be blamed on the outdated and fraudulent propaganda of the economy being in the hands of the white population. That naturally means that theft and crime is automatically excusable simply because it was committed by a black person. utterly pathetic!

The ANC - a bottomless pit where tax money disappears

R50m in World Cup legacy funds missing

2013-03-26 11:06
Johannesburg - Around R50m meant for 2010 World Cup legacy projects in the Eastern Cape has gone missing, The Times reported on Tuesday.

Parliament's sport portfolio committee was investigating the matter. Committee chairperson Richard Mdakane said the discovery of the missing funds was made in June last year.

"There was a problem about the legacy project when we visited Buffalo City and an allegation was made there is R50m that is unaccounted for," Mdakane was quoted as saying.

The Buffalo City municipality includes East London, Bhisho and King William's Town.

"We requested the department of sport in the Eastern Cape to deal with the matter [but it has] not really come back to us."

Mdakane said they were consulting with the portfolio committee on safety and security and sport director general Alec Meomi on the matter.

The municipality's spokesperson Keith Ngesi denied there was any money missing.

He told The Times that around R21m had gone into upgrading the Buffalo City Stadium and that there had been delays in other projects.

"The metro is aware of the work that has not been done and responsible units are putting together a report, including paid invoices with a portfolio of evidence of work done," he said.


Gauteng officials implicated in housing fraud not getting the boot - Janet Semple
Janet Semple 
26 March 2013 

DA MPL says the 2 012 officials busted were simple made to sign Acknowledgment of Debt agreements

Gauteng Housing Fraud: 2 000 officials fingered for R11.7 million

More than 2 000 provincial and municipal officials in Gauteng were prosecuted for fraudulently benefitting from government housing programmes in the 2010/11 and 2011/12. None of the officials were suspended or sacked for their fraudulent activity, instead entering into Acknowledgement of Debts (AOD) agreements with the Gauteng Local Government and Housing Department to repay the R11.7 million lost.

The figures were made available by Gauteng Local Government and Housing MEC Ntombi Mekgwe in response to my written question in the legislature. I asked the question following the recent report by Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale indicating that 1 061 public servants were prosecuted across the country for housing fraud.

A shocking 1 630 officials in provincial government departments alone were implicated, while a further 382 municipal officials across the province were involved.

The DA in Gauteng is not satisfied with the manner in which the department has dealt with offending officials. The DA believes that offending officials must, at the very least, be dismissed from public office where appropriate following disciplinary and civil or criminal investigations.

The MEC must explain why her department entered into AOD agreements instead of suspending or dismissing officials. The DA will question the MEC on the criteria and reasoning behind this dubious decision and approach to dealing with fraud.

Housing is a critical issue in Gauteng as the provincial population continues to grow.

Public servants who defraud the public purse and obstruct or manipulate the progress in delivering on housing needs across the province are unfit to occupy public office.

The MEC must ensure the toughest appropriate action against officials who prioritise illegally stuffing their own pockets over the real needs of the people.

Statement issued by Janet Semple MPL, DA Gauteng Housing Spokesperson, March 26 2013


  1. The ANC might be corrupt as per their own admission, but at least they are not narrow minded racist bigots like YOU! The comment you left on my blog certainly speaks volumes about you. You are an illogical person who is crying for lost privileges after the inevitable demise of Apartheid, which for the most past was fueled by the white working class who always demanded to be treated better than blacks until Dr HF Verwoerd came along and made all your dreams permanent and legal.

    Many like you claim innocence, but unfortunately some of us know the true story and your claimed ignorance is laughable at the least and tragic in actual terms as your insults emanate from your false sense of ownership of this country. In my book SA still belongs to no one and something will have to happen for us to win back our respect as your kind has none. What will happen will happen - In fact its funny that white hate the ANC whilst it is the only Party that is keeping this country from a bloody racial Civil War.....very funny...and can't diss someone who is protecting you....unless you are a complete FOOL...There will be no winners in this argument and the sooner yur kind realises that the better for everyone....RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE OR MOVE OUT OF AFRICA....MAKE A CHOICE!!!

    1. I am 27 years old. I was born in 1985 - Apartheid laws had already started being repealed by then. I was 5 when Mandela was released and 9 when the ANC took power. Yes, I was totally a part of that regime and totally voted for the Nats. Pull your head out of your ass man and grow a bit of a backbone. Maybe get a little bit of schooling - because you have NO leg to stand on and your arguments are old tired pathetic ANC rhetoric and propaganda that is communist fuelled and designed to keep the ignorant masses just like you supporting a racist terrorist regime that is "led" by criminals.

      The sooner you accept and admit that your life was better under white rule and stop giving the terrorist communists all the power you do the sooner I can trust the fact that you do indeed have some degree of intelligence. Until then all you will ever be in my eyes is a bored, sad, pathetic little man who thinks that a black man will protect him when that very same black man is trying to kill him.

      False ownership? 6 generations of my family have been born and bred in SA - I am a South African by blood. get used to it. Go back to Central Africa if thats your opinion seeing as you are not native to this country either.

      The ANC is trying to plunge this country INTO a civil war - one the black population will lose sorely seeing as there is no training, dignity, integrity or even planning. The ANC ran from the Apartheid SADF - the ANC's pathetic SANDF got their asses kicked by a bunch of poorly equipped rebels? Care to think that over again?

      The ANC protecting me? I have to pay thousands every month for armed security guards because the ANC wants your black brothers to rob, rape and murder whites - that is why they are doing NOTHING top stop ANY kind of crime in this country. And you support them - I will take that to mean you wish me ill?

      I'll accept an apology from you as soon as you grow up and learn how to speak the truth.

    2. And I respect other PEOPLE - not animals or criminals who do not DESERVE my respect.

      I don't give a damn what colour the person who is governing this country is - black, white, sky-blue pink - as long as my tax money is not used to line their pockets and they deliver on their mandate to provide services and protection for me and my family. You are the racist here. I blame the racist ANC - you blame an entire race because the ANC told you too. Get over it. And if you hate my race so much, stop using our inventions - like computers and the internet.

      And you may want to reconsider how it looks when you behave like a coward and hide your profile and moderate comments. Coward - just like the ANC and their bumbling moronic defence farce.