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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Living in LalaLand

Maatjie on the Mynews24 site feels that South Africa is not a violent country. She attributes our astronomically high crime rates - which effectively make South Africa about as dangerous as living in an active warzone - to a few individuals. I just want to ask you Maatjie, what LalaLand are you living in and is there any room left? 

You and I cannot be living the same country because I live in a country where I have to lock myself in a veritable fortress each night before going to bed for fear that someone will deem my house worthy of the next break-in. I live in a country where driving late at night means deliberately ignoring all the rules of the road so as not to have to stop too long in one place for fear of being hi-jacked.  What about the violent protests where people riot and loot? where the stone cars, burn buildings and hack others with pangas?

My country is one where a woman is raped every 4 minutes, where 16000 people are murdered every year, where we cannot trust the police because they are often times the criminals, where robberies and hijackings are an every day occurrence to such a degree that we are no longer shocked when we hear about them. 

My South Africa has children raping and killing other children and sometimes the elderly. I cannot walk alone in the streets in my country, I have to make sure I close the gates before I get out of my car, where I can't pull directly into my driveway until the gates are fully open. My country does not allow children to play outside without adult supervision. I have to carry a panic button with me wherever I go. I cannot drive with my windows open. Does that sound like a country that is safe to you?

And this in a country of only 40 million at the time?

South Africa is not a violent country
20 March 2013, 07:43


There's been so much of a roar over what Zuma once said about our country, that "South Africa is not a violent country", radio talk shows and a number of citizens criticised him for this claiming that he's ignorant to the unjust incidences in our communities. I'm here thinking: do we really know what a violent country looks like? Zuma was not only politically correct but morally correct as well. South Africa is not a violent country, we may be experiencing unjust behaviour from certain individuals, which might also be getting out of hand but that doesn't mean we are a violent country.

I challenge you to pay attention to what is happening in Syria, Israel and Palestine, there you will have a clear idea as to what a violent country is... people loosing live everyday, living in fear not knowing which car is gonna blow next or which a missile is gonna come. We don't see people running for their lives everyday, many are just prisoners of their own minds.

We need to have a way of dealing with our own emotional issues regarding our government and think rationally. We need to encourage humanity instead of just giving in to the unjust incidences. We need to be matured enough to seperate issues and treat them individually. You may hate Zuma but don't use that hatred towards our country, direct it to him.

Yes, there may be violent protests, police brutality, rape and etc, but that happens in every country and we must rather strive to strengthen our criminal justice instead of contaminating our beloved country with such insinuation. South Africa is not a violent country!!! If you are spiritually, emotionally and mentally violent, don't drag the name of our beloved country down with you. Stop imposing fear in the minds of others and start working on bringing solutions. Lets challenge those who are in charge and create a healthy and safer environment for ourselves... 

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