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Friday, 22 February 2013

Now having a white Fiancé Makes me Racist because I'm White??

According to one pathetic little twerp on not having engaged in and/or not being interested in interracial dating makes a person a racist. I have now been called racist for 2 of the most pathetic reasons anyone could ever have dreamed up - because I have a white skin - and now because I have never felt the need to have sex with a man of a different skin colour to myself.

This idiotic moron goes on to "refute" the various PC arguments that have been put forward in order to allow those people who are adverse to interracial relationships to escape being painted with the racist brush for not going out of their way to have sex with people of other races and have mixed-race children. Really dude???

Lets see if I can actually argue around his "rebuttal"...

1. Personal preference –“ The claim that personally you prefer to engage sexually or emotionally with people who have a certain skin colour” – If we look at the definition of racism at the start of the article, you’d have to admit that judging the abilities of a person to satisfy your sexual, emotional or any other relationship related needs simply by his/her racial classification is simply prejudice discrimination (possible based on a baseless generalization), which is simply racism.
The personal preference claim tries to redefine the definition of the word ‘preference’, preference does not rule out the other alternatives, instead it simply implies a lessor liking for them. I personally have a preference for Redheads but I’d happily date a blonde or brunette. The personal preference claim therefor suggests you are open to interracial dating.

Ok dude, firstly preference means that this is what you prefer to look at. If I prefer gold to silver am I going to settle for second choice? No. Not unless there was no other option. That is why I have a preference. I prefer to look at an attractive white man. If it happens that there no attractive white men left, then I will look at less attractive white men. And when there is not a single white man left on the planet I will start looking at other races. My preference is to be comfortable and relate to the person that I choose to have a relationship with. I CHOOSE to share intimate feelings and activities with someone who is similar to me in every way - and that INCLUDES skin colour. That is my PREFERENCE!

2. Cultural differences – Much like different views on marriage, having children, monogamy, politics, family, religion, etc. cultural differences are not limited to interracial couples, I will however concede they are more likely to occur in interracial relationships.
Cultural differences is perhaps a very valid point to raise though and one that any young interracial couple should take note of, It is however just an added challenge. I have certain views on religion, marriage and having children that any women would have to consider before dating me. These views are also contrasting from the cultural norm. You’d have to find out how much value a person adds to ‘culture’ and decide on an individual basis what potential issues it may cause.
These differences would only really become an issue in a serious relationship and as a result, the cultural differences claim does not warrant opposing or avoiding interracial relationships.  It simply preaches Caution.  

Actually the cultural differences argument is a perfect reason to oppose or avoid interracial relationships. I could not feel comfortable in a situation where I, as a woman, am told that I have less value than a man (in African and Muslim cultures for examples). I could also not accept the fact that any proposed husband would be required to BUY me from my family -  that would be one of the greatest insults on the planet. How can one reconcile the fact that I find eating with my hands to be rude when a potential boyfriend has been taught that is how to eat? Could you accept that if you couldn't have children with your wife (because you are impotent for example) that your brother or uncle would then have to impregnate your wife on your behalf? What about the practise where a young girl is kidnapped and raped by her potential husband so that he can show his intent to marry her? What about having kids and your partner's family's culture is to send them off to an initiation school when they become a teenager? Or how about multiple wives? No way I would be happy letting my husband one day tell me that he wants a second wife let alone 3 or 4 more. What about in cultures where women cannot inherit? And you think your argument holds true for family events? My beliefs say to go to church, I couldn't be happy with someone who wants to sacrifice goats to the ancestors or go to sangomas for muthi. You say that all of those things are simply "challenges"? Grow up!

3. No attraction to other races - “The Claim that a pair of tits or a nice ass suddenly loses its appeal when covered in a different colour.” – I think this one does a good job of refuting itself.

Now you are simply grasping at straws. Are you saying that physical appearance has nothing to do with attraction? So too fat or too thin doesn't affect how attractive you find someone? So facial scarring or excessive tattoos have no effect either? Someone too tall or too short is also irrelevant to you? Does male or female matter to you? Does age play a role in how attractive you find someone? If any of these things are used to determine degree of attractiveness then why not skin colour? And in this sense we are talking about someone you would want to have sex with. Do you look at a wrinkly, balding man with no teeth and say "yeah, I would totally want to have sex with him because he's human?" Or how about, "that woman who is massively obese and hasn't seen her feet in years is awesome - I think I'll hit on that because she's human"? EVERY single physical attribute of a person plays a role in whether or not you find them attractive or not. That includes skin colour!

And on a final note - you are liberal which means that you favour multiculturalism. Let me define that term for you: 
Multiculturalism (or ethnic diversity) relates to communities containing multiple cultures.

So from that tiny little definition, if you support multiculturalism, then you should automatically be opposed to interracial relationships and breeding. This is simply because if you all end up having mixed-race children you have lost all diversity and there is NO more multiculturalism at all. Liberals supporting multiculturalism such as yourself are inherently racist by your own definition - you cannot have more than 1 culture if everyone is mixed.

See the full article here

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