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Thursday, 24 January 2013

So much for asking for scene safety...

And this is what our tax money goes to pay for... police that would rather arrest a man because he asks them to do their job than actually do their job. It strikes me that these to black police officers took such offence at the fact that a white paramedic had asked them to do their jobs. I could easily call racism here but we all know that black people cannot be racist. Here is the video that was taken on the scene as well as the description of the event that appears on (an international site that highlights these kinds of incidences.)

Here is the full description from Medicare EMR:
Hi guys. i was the one filming this video so i will give you some background… just for the record there are various reasons why a person might be arrested. in this case the charges against him was preventing an officer from doing his duty. the irony is that the fire chief had asked the police officers 3 times to please control traffic which they duly refused. this paramedic asked the one officer why they were not co-operating. the police officer hurled insults at him and started swearing at him. (i have a voice recording of this as well). the officer then proceeded to leave the scene with no one to regulate traffic to go fetch someone to sort out the paramedic. the officer returned later with another police officer who also in turn verbally attacked him (i also have a voice recording of this). both officers wee asked to give their mass no and to identify themselves as he wanted to report them. both officers refused to give their mass no. he told them to sort their “@#$% ” out at which the one officer got enraged and consequently chest bumped him and pushed him. when the paramedic asked him if he was now assaulting him he screamed “you do something come you do something” he then signaled the other police officer to come over and they grabbed him and said they are now arresting him and force marched him up to the van, without reading his rights or stating why they are arresting him. when he asked them o please not push him he can walk cause he has a broken leg still in recovery they ignored him and forced him towards the van. when he asked to get into the van himself as he has a broken leg they threatened to pepper spray him and use “necessary force”. when the fire chief asked them what ate they doing and why are they not regulating the traffic they said no they are leaving to sort him out now first as he is bothering them. to make things worse they attempted to refuse him bail and his lawyer as well as the prosecutor had to step in to sort them out. he is appearing in court in Paarl tomorrow on charges of obstructing an officer from performing his duty.

Medicare EMR Facebook page has more details. See it here 

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