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Friday, 18 January 2013

Double Standards!

And here we have 2 perfect examples of double standards in South Africa today.

Example 1:
Cosas (Congress of SA Students) has made it their mission in life to have a black pupil in Soweto promoted to Matric even though he failed grade 11 (std 9). They have even gone so far as to disrupt lessons at the school source
Alternatively, an 18 year old white girl tried to commit suicide after failing grade 10 (std 8) for the second time. the school told her that she could not return and that she should rather enrol in a technical college. source

I wonder where Cosas is to demand that this girl get promoted. Or is it the fact that she's white that's throwing them off?

Example 2:
A government employee was the driver of a Jaguar XF that crashed into a house in Centurion on Sunday morning, causing extensive damage, who fled the scene of the accident and in the back of the car, police found an empty bottle of Jameson whisky and a crate of Amstel Lager. The car was apparently driven for about 12km with one tyre shredded to the rim - a sure sign that this person was wasted beyond belief. The police took 2 days to find the person and he has only been issued with a warning - not even taken into custody! (all assumptions are that he is black - why else has he not been arrested?)  source 1 source 2

Alternatively, a white man was given a R300 fine simply because his ELBOW was jutting out of his car window on one of the hottest days this summer because his car had no aircon. The officer giving the fine obviously has no idea what the law really says because he used incomplete and inaccurate reasoning from the National Road Traffic Act to support his giving of the fine. Obviously they could find no leverage with which to ellicit a bribe from the man so resorted to vindictively giving him an illegal fine.

Wonder if this would have happened to a black man? And why have a I ever heard of this being done to taxi drivers who seemingly cannot drive without waving their arms out of the window? source

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