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Friday, 18 January 2013

Corruption and Theft the Order of the Day

Well, it seems that Jacob Zuma's affirmative shopping within the treasury bank accounts has given the rest of the ANC cadres deployed in lower levels of government the go-ahead to also get to their part of the drawings from the public ATM.

The mayor of the OR Tambo municipality in the Eastern Cape has allegedly cost the taxpayers almost R250 000 in car rental charges for a Mercedes E300. This despite the municipality already owning several luxury vehicles.

And naturally - the rest of the ANC appointees to that municipality deny any knowledge of this. I bet all of them are just dying for the Info Bill to be passed this year so that the country never hears about the rampant looting of public funds for personal use by ANC deployed public officials.

Mayor racks up luxury car hire costs

East London - The mayor of OR Tambo municipality in the Eastern Cape allegedly cost the municipality hundreds of thousands of rands in luxury car hire expenses, according to a report on Friday.
Mayor Dingaan Myolwa racked up the costs over two months in car hire costs, accident damages and late return fees, the Daily Dispatch reported.
At least seven luxury vehicles were hired at a huge cost by the municipality between October and November last year, the publication reported.
One of the vehicles was a Mercedes-Benz E300 hired on 5 October and returned on 8 October in Durban.
Damages, late return
The invoice from Avis Luxury Cars showed that the vehicle travelled 1 080 km and additional charges, including damages to the car and late return, amounted to R188 126. The total cost to the municipality amounted to R224 825.70.
The vehicles were hired despite the municipality owning six mayoral vehicles including a Mercedes Benz ML, Toyota Prado, two Mercedes-Benz E350s and two bakkies for when the mayor travels to rural areas, the Dispatch reported.
When contacted for comment by the publication, municipal manager Tshaka Hlazo expressed surprise that the media was in possession of confidential internal documents.
Council chief whip Nolitha Ntobongwana said she was not aware of the expenditure.
“I will ask the municipal manager and the mayor for a report on this when I make a follow-up today [Friday].
“As you know when the mayor attends an event he hires a car, but I have not been informed about what you’re asking me about.”

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