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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Reinstate Farmworkers or We'll Get Violent Again - Tony Ehrenreich

This tosser is really starting to burn my bacon! I wonder when the cops will see his statements and threats as incitement and arrest him? Things would be much better. But on an unrelated note I have only 1 thing to say to Tony: If workers engaging in illegal strikes are fired (legally) then they cannot strike seeing as they are unemployed. Any action taken by them will be an illegal protest and they should immediately be arrested. Typical COSATU brainfart you had there.

Dismissed farm workers must be reinstated by Dec 19 - COSATU WCape
Tony Ehrenreich
12 December 2012

Tony Ehrenreich warns that strike action will resume on Jan 9 on those farms where there is no agreement

COSATU Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich, has sent to following letter on 11 December 2012:
To Agri-South Africa - Carl Opperman
To Minister of Agriculture - Honourable Minister Ms Tina Joemat-Petterson
To Minister of Labour - Honourable Minister Ms Mildred Oliphant
To organisations and unions
And: To CCMA
Per: Mr. Leon Levy
On-going developments in agriculture in relation to the farm protests
From COSATU on behalf of farm workers
Dear Colleagues
Please receive correspondence from our offices in relation to developments in the farm protest actions. We have, as COSATU, been asked by the workers to clearly communicate their message to the parties concerned. The workers have made it clear that they will not be constrained from pursuing protest for justice and fair wages on the farms, by technicalities and legalities. As far as the workers are concerned their struggle for an end to apartheid relations on farms have not been suspended, only the strike was suspended until 9 January 2013.
The workers have elected to take the offer put forward by the representatives of the Agri SA for farm level negotiations, and to commence engagements in this "farm by farm" level' negotiations immediately. These negotiations will be assisted by unions, NGO and workers committees, and will discuss the R150 wage demand as well as the profit sharing. Farmers are urged to not put in place technicalities to restrict union access to farms and to facilitate these engagements and negotiations.
The Strike will continue on the 9 January on those farms where there is no agreement, as well as the reporting to foreign markets on specific farmers not cooperating with this process.
The farms where disciplinary action and dismissal of workers as a result of strike participation has been initiated by farmers to intimidate farm workers - will see strike action taking place if those workers are not reinstated by the 19 December 2012.
The CCMA will assist in facilitating access to farms and getting resolutions on dismissals and victimisations, where these have been opposed by farmers' attitude and conduct. As COSATU we will also be making representations to the Minister of Justice to have charges dropped against workers for protesting against slave wages.
This message is communicated by COSATU, to all parties, on behalf of the workers who have elected to take up this struggle against oppression. Albeit that COSATU is not the representative union of the workers, we have been requested to, and therefore are purely assisting and supporting the workers to find a negotiated settlement that would avoid violence and dissent.
We believe, as COSATU, that the call by workers to still pursue the construction of good relations with decent farm owners, to be the desired route, while equally understanding that exploitation and oppression should not be allowed to continue in South Africa, for one more day.
Ons will n nasie bou met regte boere, maar ons will weg maak met slegte boere.
Yours Faithfully
Tony Ehrenreich
Provincial Secretary
C.c. to All Agricultural organisations
Issued by COSATU Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich, December 12 2012

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