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Thursday, 13 December 2012

More Blatant Theft - Court Sanctioned Too Nogal!

Well, we now have a court ruling saying that it is perfectly fine for the ANC to rob the public blind. The North Gauteng High Court ruled in favour of SANRAL and Treasury which effectively allows them to go ahead and steal money directly from our bank accounts! I would usually respect the views of the court but in this instance they'll have to come and take my money by force if they think that I will pay a fifth time to drive on the same roads. I already pay income tax, a fuel levy on every litre of petrol I buy, I license my car and I renew my driver's license. I refuse point blank to pay again. How can they punish the public for their failure to plan ahead? If Zuma hadn't been stealing funds to upgrade his personal compound together with the billions stolen by government in the last 18 years there would have been more than enough funds for the infrastructure upgrade.

When the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project was approved I was on board because the roads were desperately in need of a little TLC - but NO mention was ever made of them funding it through tolls! This part was deliberately left out and now they are trying to force legislation through that will effectively legitimise them stealing more of my money! I say over my dead body!

There has been no mention made of how they plan to maintain all the back roads which will see 10 times the amount of traffic as people avoid the highways. No mention is made of how the backlog in traffic will be dealt with either! I predict that 2013 will see a huge increase in the amount of road rage incidents because I know that I will be in an extra foul mood having to deal with traffic (which is already as bad as I can take) being 10 times worse.

People are going to be late for work on a daily basis - I wonder how that will go down with employers and clients? Not going to have a happy Jhb in the new year - except for the taxis of course seeing as their toll fees will be subsidised - they will be happy that they can do whatever the hell they want on the highways simply because traffic will be almost non-existent.

Food prices will skyrocket (again!) because transport costs will go through the roof and all of that extra will be passed onto the consumers. Strikes will begin with renewed vigour due to the resultant loss of jobs and public violence will be at an all time high. Sounds like a lovely year right?

And all the while the ANC and the fatcat BEE tenderpreneurs at SANRAL will be laughing all the way to the bank to withdraw all of it!

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