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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Monopoly Money

The South African Reserve Bank announced the release of the new banknotes which now bear the likeness of Nelson Mandela. Call me racist, unpatriotic or just plain pessimistic and negative but I firmly believe that the new notes look more like Monopoly money than legal tender. I really cannot see how the western nations can take us seriously with money that looks like it should be used to buy spots on a boardgame. SA used to have one of the most unique sets of banknotes picturing the real reason we are known to the world - the big 5 animals. Now we are simply putting the face of a convicted terrorist on our money. Next we'll have a Zuma note and Malema note too. I for one refuse point blank to use this fake money as far as possible and will stick to using my bank cards instead.

Don't believe me? See for yourself...


The redesign of the notes, at a cost of R2,5 million, was accompanied by the recapitalisation of the South African Note Company - unsurprisingly there is no mention of the amount of capital pumped into the company. This is a typical ANC ploy to erase the history of South Africa by now changing our currency in addition to street names, police structures, municipal service providers and staff, province boundaries and municipal boundaries etc. They are attempting to erase the fact that there is a white population in SA that is responsible for all of the economic advances and infrastructure (that is currently falling apart due to ANC mismanagement and deliberate sabotage). Soon we will have a generation that will forget who built the country up to what it was pre-94 and sustained it for as long as possible afterwards. All we will have left is a generation of imbeciles who are taught that the ANC is the be all and end all and that if it were not for the ANC they would be nothing more than slaves to the white man. Unfortunately what they do not see is the fact that the ANC is leading us back to the feudal times where politically connected people own everything and only allow you to live there at a very steep price. At the rate we are going SA will be back in the dark ages within a decade. Think Zim was bad? The ANC sees that as the benchmark and aims to outdo old Bob Mugabe on the screwing people over bid...


  1. yesterday I put a new 50 ront (mandela) note in my wallet and when I opened it this morning all my other money was missing..

    1. lol... But I'm not really surprised

  2. I tried drawing money at the atm and it kept on getting stuck at the lips...:)