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Friday, 30 November 2012

Shaving, Bathing, Meat and Sewage

I have been following a series of articles on News24 the last few weeks with a great deal of interest and some degree of disgust as well. The articles are written by a woman called "Maureen Dent". Maureen is a typical judgemental hippie vegan - who lives on a golf course! Her self-righteous and entirely annoying tone of writing makes people immediately take offence. Maureen has regaled the News24 audience with her rants about how she refuses to shave (anywhere), how she never uses soap or shampoo and bathes only with warm water (irregularly it seems) and had tried to prove that all the world's problems are caused by the consumption of meat (according to Maureen meat-eaters are inherently violent and angry - she doesn't realise that Hitler and Pol-Pot were vegans and look at the horror they caused). Her final article has espoused the joys of fertilising her home veggie patch with effluent from her own septic tank. She has even informed us that she NEVER uses toilet paper either. And to top things off she accuses anyone who showers on a daily basis of selfishly wasting water that will be needed by future generations. Thank God the woman is self-employed because I highly doubt anyone but her own breed of militant ignorant vegan hippie-types could stand to be near her.

So, to Maureen I would like to say the following:

1. Shaving is healthy and hygienic. And on top of it all it is attractive. Yes, you may say that I have been brainwashed by the male species but to be perfectly honest I like the way my smooth skin feels. You see, I have done the whole "not shaving" thing and I have never been itchier or battled with such horrible body odours. Shaving is definitely the way to go. But you need not shave if you prefer not to... that is your prerogative.

2.  Soap is a fantastic invention. You see, as one goes about their daily business they will perspire and pick up bacteria everywhere. Something is needed to kill that bacteria so that you do not get sick and as an added bonus you don't stink up the place. I would think that after a few thousand years of societal evolution and scientific advances soap must be one of the very best inventions in the history of man. I hate to be near people with bad body odour - as would any NORMAL person. I also hate the idea that I would smell bad. Its not a nice way to treat people around you. I'm sure you have become so used to your own foul smell that it no longer bothers you - but to the rest of us you would stink. I am very glad that I am nowhere near you and pity your neighbours and people you come into contact with.

3.  Toilet paper  is another of those fantastic inventions I was talking about. You see, man devised a method of cleansing himself after relieving himself so that we no longer had to use leaves to do the job. its much gentler. And I am sorry - but your diet means that you never have to wipe? How the hell would you know unless you check? And to top it off - how can you NOT wipe after peeing? Or do you prefer to drip dry? In which case I am even happier to state that I am not in your vicinty at all because not only would you smell like wet dog because of all your untamed body hair that has only been scantily showered with some warm water but not washed - but your underwear must reek of urine and faeces. And what about when your period arrives? You don't wipe or use any form of sanitary towel or tampon? That is really disgusting and not to mention unhygienic. But looking at your picture I see that you have probably already hit menopause so that  must be why those things never bother you.

4.  Meat was placed on this earth for man to eat. If not then why is it possible that there are nutrients in meat that we need to be healthy that we CANNOT get from plants? Why have our teeth evolved in such a way so as to enable us to tear and chew meat? And why the hell does meat taste so damn good if we were not meant to eat it? You asked if I would kill and eat a pet? If it came down to it and there was nothing else to eat then damn well yes I would eat the dog - its him or me. But while there is an ample supply of beef, chicken, fish, lamb and pork to choose from then there is no need for me to do that. I think what you are lacking is a lovely medium rare steak.

5.  Now, I am all for having a veggie patch in your garden and growing your own food. But please do not tell me that I should use human waste. That is quite simply one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard of and if I were one of your neighbours I would have called the department of health a long time ago - I hear that unsanitary behaviour that endangers an entire community actually carries a jail sentence. Typhoid Mary? No longer - now it is Ecoli Maureen. No wonder you speak such crap - because you eat it! I would not accept so much as a precooked microwave meal from you. But not all of us have a garden - it seems that living on that golf course has made you forget that not everyone is (undeservedly) wealthy - although maybe you got that cash by people paying you to not stand upwind from them?

6.  Showering on a daily basis - do I really have to discuss this one? If you have not mastered the art of basic hygiene the I see no help for you. And I really do enjoy a long soak in a hot tub with a good book and a glass of wine every now and again - its to soothe away the aches and pains of long, hard weeks. A shower in the morning is the most refreshing way to start the day - washing off all of the sweat accumulated on my skin during the night. And it means that the people in my office don't have to run shrieking while holding their nose closed when I walk through the door.

Having said the above -  your honesty is refreshing and you damn well have the right to say whatever you want and I will defend to death your right to say it. But I will always be grateful that you will be judging me from halfway across the country safely behind a computer screen because I would not want to ever be in the same square kilometer as you - I'm pretty sure I would smell you.

You can read all of Maureen's articles here:

Thursday, 29 November 2012

David Bullard Pulls No Punches

I can see the man being called a whole host of things with "racist" as the most common as a result of his most recent article. The article is a staunch criticism of the state of affairs being bolstered and encouraged by the ruling ANC - and he is 100% correct! He highlights exactly what is wrong with South Africa today and the bottom line is that the ANC wants to maintain the status quo by continually hyping up the wrongs of the past and hiding behind them like a shield to cover up all of their ineptness and inability to govern. The most eloquent David Bullard says it best:

David Bullard
28 November 2012

David Bullard says the ANC has fostered a culture of dependency, failure and blame

Regular readers of this column, and more particularly the comments that follow the column, cannot have failed to notice the recurring leitmotiv of colonial oppression offered by some of my critics as an excuse for the perpetual non performance of South Africa, both as a democracy and as an economic powerhouse. Blaming the legacy of apartheid/colonialism is also a favourite ploy of politicians who, after stuffing their pockets with tax payer's money and buying a couple of luxury cars, have to think up some explanation to deliver to their constituents for being so damn useless at their jobs.

I realise that this week's column may come across as hugely insensitive to some readers but think of it as tough love. Somebody needs to man up and acknowledge the truth. To listen to some black South Africans and white lefties drone on you would think that this country was the first in the history of the world ever to experience subjugation by another race. And therein lies the major obstacle to South Africa's progress.

Every failure of the ANC is blamed on our dreadful apartheid past. That may have rung true in 1996 but in 2012 it's beginning to sound a bit lame. While there are many black South Africans who remember the injustices and indignities of the apartheid era there are an increasing number who haven't a clue what life was like under the Nats. And yet the same tired old excuse for non performance is trotted out with monotonous regularity, partly to make whiteys feel guilty but mostly to cover up the scandalous lack of delivery on the part of the ANC.

Thanks to the ruling party the country has developed a national inferiority complex which dooms us to a future of mediocrity. Instead of weighing up the account in 1994 and telling the electorate that the new democratic South Africa had survived apartheid and come out with a vigorous free press, an independent judiciary and a clutch of parastatals which did what they supposed to do pretty well, the ANC played down the more positive legacies of apartheid because they knew they would need someone or something to blame should things go wrong. And boy, do they milk it for all it's worth.
The current disastrous education system, for example, is blamed on the legacy of apartheid.  A convenient excuse but utter baloney. The reason our education system is a global joke is that the ANC tinkered around with all sorts of social engineering designed to give kids the impression they were doing well at school, even when they weren't.

The harsh reality is that the majority of kids in the state school system end their schooldays ill equipped for either university or for the workplace. They will only find that out though when they have been screwed over by the system and finished their schooling. The 85% matric pass rate that the government may brag about will not translate into a job. But, of course, that's not the fault of the's the fault of the legacy of apartheid.

So how come other oppressed people manage to get over life's obstacles and we don't? For example, the Asians that were kicked out of Uganda by that madman Idi Amin back in the 1970's. My late mother was one of many volunteers to go to RAF Stradishall in Suffolk where the refugees landed and help them settle into a new life. They had only the clothes they wore and had not been allowed to take any personal possessions and yet they saw their expulsion from Uganda as an opportunity to begin again. I clearly remember my mother's amazement at their lack of self pity. The majority of those expelled Asians, many of them highly educated professionals, went on to do very well in their new adopted country.

The answer to the question of why we just can't move on is that blaming our past has turned into a lucrative industry in itself. It has spawned the obscene BBBEE system which guarantees economic inefficiencies and corruption while pretending to redress the wrongs of the past. The plan to lay a heavy guilt trip on those who were deemed to have befitted from apartheid has meant that the goose that lays the golden egg continues laying.

By keeping guilt ridden whites in harness the government achieves several objectives. Firstly, nobody dares speak out against the absurdities of the system for fear of being labelled racist. Secondly, successful companies can only get their BBBEE ratings by creating completely superfluous positions based on demographic requirements while ignoring economies of scale. This gives the impression that the government has created jobs for people when all it has done is to flout economic good sense. Thirdly, the tax system benefits because more taxpayers and consumers are artificially created. This may sound like a smart idea but the creation of so many non-jobs just to please a commie dominated government is bound to make us less efficient than our global competitors. All we are doing is fooling ourselves that we are productive and impoverishing ourselves in the long term.

The vast majority of the population have been indoctrinated and believe that everything that goes wrong is the fault of our apartheid past, because that's what they've been told. As a result, very few ANC supporters can see any reason to take responsibility for their own lives and strive for success.

The reality is that that the majority of people don't excel in life but simply trundle along. But what about those who really could become shining examples to others and important community leaders? Does our current system encourage them to reach their full potential or does is constantly drive home the message that they're bound to fail? But that's OK because it's not their fault. It's the fault of apartheid.

See the original article on Politicsweb here

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Zuzulicious Ad Banned By SABC

I go away for a couple of days and this is what I come back to - the SABC (a government owned media company) has unilaterally decided that a new advert (that they had originally agreed to air) was "offensive". the ad which features Jacob Zuma and family eating fish and chips plays on the latest scandal involving his extravagant spending of public funds on his private residence. It also touches on the fact that his traditional culture has allowed him to amass a vast amount of wives and children. You have to wonder why the SABC would suddenly decide, 2 hours before the ad was due to be aired, that it was "offensive" without there being any complaints from the public which has not even seen the ad?! There can only be one camp that would want the ad scrapped (thinking about it again it does kinda highlight the fact that our president lives in the lap of luxury all funded by the taxpayers money while the majority of his supporters still live in squalor and poverty - might lose him and the ANC some votes in the next elections if this keeps up). Looking forward to seeing how this one will play out. I for one love the ad but then again I don't believe that the sun shines of out Zuma's backside and that night only comes round when  he sits down like millions of other sheep do.

SABC bans Zuma fish & chips ad

2012-11-27 09:45

Johannesburg - The SABC has banned a fish and chip commercial depicting President Jacob Zuma and his family having dinner, according to a report on Tuesday.

The ad would have been aired on SABC on Monday night until February but it was pulled just two hours before it was scheduled to be flighted, The Star reported.

The animated commercial begins with the words "Dinner time at Nkandla" appearing over a picture of a mansion.

The next frame is indoors. A woman, seated at one end of an extremely long dining room table lined with children and several other women on both sides, says in isiZulu: "Oh Zuzulicious, we're having fish and chips from Shabba today."

The huge family enjoys the fish and chips dinner.

An animated Zuma responds: "Eat up honeybunch, there is a lot of good food here. It's from the Fish and Chip Company. There are many of you in this house, at only R25 even Pravin will approve this."

Paul Warner, the creative director at MetropolitanRepublic Group, the agency that made the ad, said they were told the commercial was banned because it was "degrading to the president".

"They said our [SABC] bosses have made the decision not to flight it," he was quoted saying.

Warner reportedly told the newspaper that there was nothing wrong with the ad, he did not understand how it could be pulled on the basis of being offensive without anyone complaining about it.

Carlo Gonzaga, the chief executive of Taste Holding, under which the company falls, said it was "astounding" that the SABC would take a unilateral decision on behalf of the public. "I think it's presumptuous."

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago said he was not aware of the ad or any official issuing instructions for a commercial not to be aired.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Why does the Left see the decline of middle class White Christians as a blessing?

It may not be specifically speaking about South Africa and South African issues but it explains the thinking of useless Liberals down to a tee. And if you apply that thinking to South Africa you can see why they are so happy for the ANC to systematically take away every single right that whites have and bring us down to the level of the masses - much easier than trying to bring the masses up to our level isn't it?

Alec Baldwin is gleeful after the election, and apparently he is euphoric over what he sees as the decline of White middle class Christians
The politically progressive actor rejoiced at President Barack Obama’s re-election precisely because it means his demographic, to his eyes, is politically on its last legs.

“Obama’s election signaled one change. His re-election signaled another — the end of white, middle-aged Christian male dominance,” the star of NBC’s “30 Rock” tweeted Saturday through his “Alec Baldwin Foundation” account.

Baldwin joins a long list of white liberals who eagerly use their own race as a pejorative
Yes, think of all the times the Left, often White Liberals, use terms like “lily White” or vanilla, or Cracker as if White is bad? I had a professor in college, in an American Sign Language class who called me white bread and peanut butter, as in stale, boring, and uninteresting. And yes, she was White. She was also overbearing and rude, a fact I shared with her and the whole class after her remark. I had another professor, in a Sociology course that told a story of Native Americans allowing a child to beat them in races. He then asked, in a serious tone, if any of us could imagine White people ever doing such a thing. And, yes, he was as White as they come. Most people in the class were stunned at his question, and we gave example after example of how our families had done similar things, I imagine people of all races do these things myself.

I have never understood this side of the Left, until today, I was thinking of Baldwin’s remarks, and  it hit me, the Left, and Baldwin is certainly a Leftist, have a very perverse definition of equality. In their view, White Americans, of all socioeconomic classes have it better and easier than minorities. So, there is some inherent inequality there that the Left must put right. Usually, that inequality is, in the mind of the Left, racism, sexism, or the evils of Capitalism, which is evil because it produces not just winners and losers, but different levels of winners as well. Of course, America itself is an easy target for the Left to blame. America has been a nation with a White majority, a nation where most are Christian, and where Capitalism has been the economic system for decades upon decades. And all of those things make America bad because America has inequality.

Of course, every nation has inequality, every nation always has, and always will, but the Left cannot tolerate inequality. This is why they can look at the Israel Palestine conflict and so readily sympathize with Palestine.  Terror groups in Palestine attack Israel, targeting civilians, and the Left says nothing. But, when Israel, uses its military to strike back, targeting ONLY terrorists, and doing everything it can not to harm civilians, the Left goes ballistic. They find it unfair, because Israel has far superior weapons, they have even called for Israel to only use “fairness” in retaliating. Fairness, in this case, means that if a rocket fired into Israel kills two Israelis, Israel should only kill two terrorists. Of course such a course will only lead to a longer, bloodier fight, but, it appeases the insensibilities of the left. But back to America and Baldwin’s inane comments.

Alec Baldwin and the Left see America as a bad nation. We are richer than other nations, we are more powerful than other nations, we have a higher standard of living and more prosperity than other nations, this is not fair, it is a clear case of inequality to the Leftist mind. This explains why the Left, if you notice, NEVER encourages poor nations to emulate America, or other Western nations. A sane person would think that teaching the less successful nations to copy the economies and governments of the West would lead at least some of those less wealthy nations to a more prosperous existence. Yet, the Left always wants to punish the more successful nations, especially America. They see this as more fair, because, even if some of the less successful nations raise themselves up, they still might be unequal to the West, and that equals inequality in Leftist thinking.

So, therefore, the Left prefers to use their “redistribute the wealth” strategy to make things more equal. All this will ever do is to tear down the West, and instead of spreading the wealth, it will spread the misery instead, but, that is more desirable to the Left, because it means all nations will be more equal.

So, Alec Baldwin, and the Left hate inequality, and thus hate America, and thus hate the people they associate with America’s rise as the world power, White, Christian men. What they miss in their hatred is that America has not become great because of skin colour  or religion, but because of freedom, and opportunity. In other words it is not the skin colour of the Founders, it is their ideals that set forth the successful nation the Left has been trying to tear down for 200 plus years.

From The Daley Gator:

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Dumb Ways to Die

Sometimes the Aussies really come out with something amazingly wonderful. This ad by Melbourne  Metro Trains is amazing! The funniest thing I have seen in months!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Words of Wisdom

I knew there was a reason that people thought of Nelson Mandela as a decent leader and the quote below reminds me of what that reason is. Strange how his struggle speeches and actions are touted constantly in the media and by the ANC and yet absolutely none of them are interested in adhering to the following:

EXPOSED: How Zuma got off the hook

And here is why the ANC feels that we need the proposed Secrecy Bill – so that high ranking ANC members (read Jacob Zuma) do not get caught out in lie after lie after lie and exposed for having their hands in the cookie jar repeatedly.  Despite a last minute bid by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to halt the distribution of the Sunday Times newspaper Judge Nomsa Khumalo ruled in favour if the Sunday Times Newspaper. And as a result there are a few South Africans who were feeling exceptionally vindicated and jubilant on Sunday. The report sheds light on a few of our esteemed President’s dirty dealing and blatant disrespect of the law.
The Sunday Times reporters say it better than I ever could:

             REVEALED: Jacob Zuma's lawyer accused of blackmailing NPA  (sourced from the Timeslive website)

South Africa's top prosecutors were overwhelmingly in favour of pressing ahead with the case against Jacob Zuma and had dismissed the so-called "spy tapes" as irrelevant just days before the charges were sensationally dropped in April 2009.
This is revealed in more than 300 pages of explosive internal e-mails, memos and minutes of meetings leaked to the Sunday Times.
The documents raise questions over why then-prosecutions boss Mokotedi Mpshe ignored all their advice and let Zuma off the hook, citing the "spy tapes" as evidence that Zuma was the victim of a plot.
They also lift the lid on the high drama and intense internal wrangling that put SA's criminal justice system on trial in one of the most dramatic episodes of the country's recent past. The documents reveal for the first time that the Scorpions team prosecuting Zuma:
  • Believed Zuma was trying to "blackmail" them into dropping the charges by threatening to release information on the tapes that would be embarrassing to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA);
  • Urged Mpshe several times to proceed with the prosecution after being briefed about the "spy tapes";
  • Pointed out "fatal" legal flaws in Mpshe's decision not to proceed; and
  • Questioned former NPA boss Bulelani Ngcuka twice about the tapes. Ngcuka said the same people who accused him of being an apartheid spy were behind these tapes.
The documents include minutes of a briefing held in Mpshe's boardroom on March 18 2009 by asset forfeiture unit head Willie Hofmeyr and Pretoria prosecutor Sibongile Mzinyathi - the only two NPA officials who listened to the tapes.
The minutes reveal that Zuma's lawyer, Michael Hulley, approached Hofmeyr with "new evidence" that he said warranted dropping the charges against Zuma - phone taps of Scorpions boss Leonard McCarthy - that he asked Hofmeyr to listen to.
Hulley did not disclose evidence of these "spy tapes" in written representations he made to the NPA on Zuma's behalf weeks earlier. The tapes "seemed to be" from the National Intelligence Agency and would be used by Hulley to argue for a permanent stay of prosecution.
According to notes made by Hofmeyr and Mzinyathi while they listened to the tapes, the recordings reveal McCarthy was "part of a campaign for Thabo Mbeki" to win the ANC elective conference in Polokwane in December 2007, which Zuma won. But Hofmeyr and Mzinyathi's notes also state that Mbeki had told McCarthy not to charge Zuma and former police commissioner Jackie Selebi before Polokwane.
Notes from the meeting say the team prosecuting Zuma "was not aware of this manipulation and conspiracies - they followed the evidence. Unfortunately, I doubt if any will ever believe them. This is a sad, sad day in the history of SA!!!".
These new documents intensify the mystery of why Mpshe would take a decision diametrically opposed to his senior prosecutors working on the case, and is likely to add weight to a case brought by the DA to have it reviewed.
They reveal that on at least two occasions after the "spy tapes" briefing - on March 20 and on April 2 2009 - prosecutors sent a memo to Mpshe urging him to press ahead with the Zuma prosecution. Attached to one of the memos was a letter prosecutors expected Mpshe to sign and send to Hulley, rejecting the "spy tapes" as a reason for dropping charges.
"A decision not to prosecute ... would undoubtedly be regarded by many as simply caving in to political pressure," the letter, which was never signed by Mpshe, reads. "After anxious consideration, I have concluded that my decision to indict your client in 2007 was not influenced, improperly or otherwise, by McCarthy."
The letter also states that Hulley's threat to include allegations of political interference based on the "spy tapes" in a court application, and his "observations that this would be a great embarrassment to the NPA and the persons concerned" amounted to "blackmail".
The new documents unearthed this month show Zuma's chief prosecutor, Billy Downer, former KwaZulu-Natal Scorpions boss Anton Steynberg and two top jurists they consulted - Wim Trengove and Andrew Breitenbach - were unanimous the "spy tapes" should not give Zuma a free pass.
"We consider that the oral representations [from Hulley about the tapes] do not change our recommendation [to charge Zuma] and we stand by it," Downer states in a memo on behalf of the prosecution team sent to Mpshe on March 20 2009.
"To accede to [Zuma's] representations, apart from being contrary to the merits and the interests of justice, would not be appropriate. Such a course of conduct, however weighty the reasons given in support thereof, will forever leave the impression that the NPA has become a pawn of the political establishment and cause irrevocable damage to public confidence in the system of justice."
Mzinyanthi - the only other person who listened to the tapes with Hofmeyr - and Thanda Mngwengwe, the former Scorpions boss who charged Zuma in 2007 - also reportedly wanted Zuma's prosecution to go ahead despite the "spy tapes".
Despite this, on April 6 2009, Mpshe announced that charges against Zuma would be withdrawn because the "spy tapes" contained evidence that McCarthy and Ngcuka had conspired to remove Zuma from office.
Only Hofmeyr apparently believed that McCarthy's "alleged prosecutorial misbehaviour" warranted dropping the charges against Zuma, according to one memo.
After Mpshe made his bombshell announcement of dropping charges , a flurry of e-mails and memos reveal how unhappy other top prosecutors were with his decision. In one sent to Mpshe on April 14 2009, setting out the team's reservations, Downer states that the "legal motivation" for the decision is "questionable and may be vulnerable on review".
He criticises the prosecution boss for relying "heavily" on the "abuse of process" doctrine in the UK and Canadian law, without any reference to SA law. "We are concerned that this doctrine may have been inappropriately applied without due consideration of its applica-bility in our law."
The key issue, whether the abuse of process would have prevented Zuma from having a fair trial, "was not even addressed", the memo states. Moreover, two key questions - whether McCarthy's manipulation of the prosecution improperly influenced Mpshe's decision to charge Zuma after Polokwane, and whether he still considered that the decision to prosecute was correct - were never answered. "This failure appears to us to be fatal to the correctness of the decision," the memo states.
The documents also reveal fascinating details never published before about McCarthy's role in manipulating Zuma's prosecution for political ends.
One memo, titled "Combined team synopsis of the November/December 2007 decision to prosecute", states that Scorpions investigator Johan du Plooy objected to McCarthy's plans to serve summons on Zuma at Nkandla on December 26 2007. Du Plooy considered this "outrageous and unsafe", and the plan was shelved. Two days later he joined the sheriff in serving the summons on Zuma at his Joburg residence.
E-mails also reveal that after being briefed about the "spy tapes" Mpshe repeatedly tried to reach McCarthy at the World Bank, where he now works as vice-president of integrity, to get him to answer the charges of being part of a political conspiracy.
"It would appear, on the face of it, that the recorded conversations may damage your integrity," Mpshe wrote in one e-mail. "They include that you may have been party to a conspiracy to use the NPA's prosecution process irregularly to attempt to influence politics."
McCarthy eventually replied that he deemed Mpshe's questions "irrelevant" and declined to answer them.
DA chairman James Selfe said this week that the NPA was clearly in contempt of court by not handing over the "spy tapes", which Mpshe said in 2009 were independently obtained and declassified.
Despite the court order given in March, the DA went back to court in September to force the NPA to hand over the tapes - a case only likely to be heard early next year. "We'll go to the Constitutional Court if we have to. We'll go to the gates of hell to get this," said Selfe.
Hofmeyr and Downer referred all questions to the NPA, which declined to answer them. Asked if it had caved in to blackmail by dropping charges against Zuma despite strong opposition within its own ranks, NPA spokesman Bulelwa Makeke said: "This is a sideshow that the NPA would rather not be part of at this point, as it is still awaiting a court ruling on this matter."
Ngcuka failed to answer questions he asked to be sent to him. McCarthy and Hulley didn't reply to e-mails or messages left for them.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Einstein and SA Politics

I received this email today and just had to share it. thought it was simply 100% correct and naturally it made me smile.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Who Says Blacks Cannot be Racist?

We have all heard the crap stated that black people cannot be racist. Well I have proof. These are just a handful of the same kind of posts you'll find everywhere online by black South Africans. Sure, you have your white racists too - every race has them - but how many of them do you see quite openly and so vehemently advocating the genocide of an entire race and taking such joy in the pictures of mutilated, tortured and murdered people simply because of their skin colour?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Monopoly Money

The South African Reserve Bank announced the release of the new banknotes which now bear the likeness of Nelson Mandela. Call me racist, unpatriotic or just plain pessimistic and negative but I firmly believe that the new notes look more like Monopoly money than legal tender. I really cannot see how the western nations can take us seriously with money that looks like it should be used to buy spots on a boardgame. SA used to have one of the most unique sets of banknotes picturing the real reason we are known to the world - the big 5 animals. Now we are simply putting the face of a convicted terrorist on our money. Next we'll have a Zuma note and Malema note too. I for one refuse point blank to use this fake money as far as possible and will stick to using my bank cards instead.

Don't believe me? See for yourself...


The redesign of the notes, at a cost of R2,5 million, was accompanied by the recapitalisation of the South African Note Company - unsurprisingly there is no mention of the amount of capital pumped into the company. This is a typical ANC ploy to erase the history of South Africa by now changing our currency in addition to street names, police structures, municipal service providers and staff, province boundaries and municipal boundaries etc. They are attempting to erase the fact that there is a white population in SA that is responsible for all of the economic advances and infrastructure (that is currently falling apart due to ANC mismanagement and deliberate sabotage). Soon we will have a generation that will forget who built the country up to what it was pre-94 and sustained it for as long as possible afterwards. All we will have left is a generation of imbeciles who are taught that the ANC is the be all and end all and that if it were not for the ANC they would be nothing more than slaves to the white man. Unfortunately what they do not see is the fact that the ANC is leading us back to the feudal times where politically connected people own everything and only allow you to live there at a very steep price. At the rate we are going SA will be back in the dark ages within a decade. Think Zim was bad? The ANC sees that as the benchmark and aims to outdo old Bob Mugabe on the screwing people over bid...