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Friday, 18 May 2012

The Situation as it Stands

In 1990 Nelson Mandela was released from prison and the African National Congress (ANC) along with various other political parties was officially unbanned and allowed to participate in South African politics once again. In 1994 the first free and far democratic elections were held and for the first time South Africa had voted in a black ruling party with Nelson Mandela as president. In 1996 the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa was signed into law after having first being vetted and approved by the Constitutional Court. This turned South Africa into a constitutional state with the Constitution being regarded as the highest law of the land obliging all people to act in accordance with its provisions. This includes juristic entities as well as the state. No person or law is above the Constitution. The Constitution enshrined various rights of people within South Africa - even the rights of foreigners and illegal immigrants are protected under the Constitution. And this was the end of Apartheid and the beginning of the "New" South Africa - the "Rainbow Nation".

Since then South Africa has become a hellhole of massive proportions. Our country is run by a man who has the moral convictions of a sewer rat as evidenced by his marriage history, 21 children (which our taxpayers money is being used to look after), his prosecution for rape of an HIV positive woman (whereafter he took a shower saying that this would prevent him from contracting the disease), corruption charges, close associations with convicted criminals and most importantly - the steps he has taken to ensure that the white population in South Africa is punished as much as possible for perceived human rights violations in the past - I might just add that Mr Jacob Zuma was in exile during Apartheid and was never actually a part of the so-called "struggle". This is a man who, during his election campaign would sing the song "Letha umshini wami" which means "bring my machine gun" which many will claim incites violence against whites because of the historical connotations.

And that is just the start of it all... As much as I would love to go on and on about the evils the truth is that by doing so I will be labelled a racist because I am white. Talking out about what is really happening in South Africa these days is seen as a racist act designed to undermine the ruling party and to "sweep aside" the history of Apartheid. The truth is that the victors truly are the ones who write the history books and this is the case with the ANC. They have systematically removed any mention of the true state of affairs as they existed under the Apartheid regime with one simple purpose in mind - to ensure that the black majority continues to vote for them. The youth of today is taught about how evil the Apartheid regime was - I know because that's what I was taught at school - and no mention is ever made of the true reasoning or what the actual state of affairs was. The truth is that, aside from separating the races in order to allow them to grow into their own nations in which their cultures, languages and heritage could be protected, there was no mistreatment of the black population. But this is not what the ANC wants us to believe.

The ruling elite uses these tactics to wage war against a regime that has been dead for over 20 years. They use the excuse of Apartheid to mask their inadequacies and failures. They rely on racial tensions - perpetuated by them - to achieve their own ends and ensure that their pockets are lined with as much taxpayer money as they can hold. Since the ANC has been in power the truth is that we are poorer than we were before. The great infrastructure that we had in place has been allowed to fall into ruin. A handful of ANC favourites have been allowed to grow fat at the expense of the rest of the country. For all of their promises they have consistently failed to deliver. They keep the youth ignorant by depriving them of an education that would turn them into rational and logical thinkers which would soon end their reign. By making sure that all the youth knows about is the "evil that was the white government", the "ANC struggle for black freedom" and "how reparations must be made to the blacks" they are creating an entire generation of South Africans who will perpetuate the cycle of racial hatred. This has made fertile ground for the belief that blacks are "owed" by the whites. That the blacks need not work to receive (distribution of wealth). This comes back to bite them when they are unable to compete in the work environment and ultimately leads to a rise in crime as a means to survive. White children grow up surrounded by an aura of shame and the feeling that they should always be apologetic for the colour of their skin even when they have no reason to because the regime was dead before they were born.

 I am proud of my white heritage and refuse to live in a shame that is not deserved. We constantly see the fight being brought to a war that is between black and white - and there is no room to sit on the fence.

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