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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Detailed Depiction of Deliberate Democratic Delinquency

David Hill writing for The Times in London has coined my favoutite word of all time - Ineptocracy. It is just the perfect depiction of how the ANC has failed to make provision for any sort of growth in our struggling economy. David Hill is better able to outline the basics of the meaning behind the word:

Undoubtedly both David and I (along with any other person who agrees with us) are both racists who only want to oppress the blacks in South Africa. That of course plays right into the hands of the ANC where everything can be blamed on the evil whites and their Apartheid regime. Apartheid has again been blamed by  Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa by stating that "Transforming the police into a responsible, trustworthy service is a big challenge," and further that "it was a huge challenge to create the calibre of policeman who was "fully enshrined with democratic principles". The SA Police Service had inherited these problems from an apartheid police force." Are you kidding me?

You know the old adage of "if it ain't broke don't fix it"? Well this is the one and only time the ANC adheres to it. The excuse of Apartheid as the cause of all evils in South Africa - ESPECIALLY the failure by the ANC to effectively govern as per their mandate - has been used to great effect repeatedly and in connection with every instance of incompetence by the government in the last 18 years. 

According to the ANC Apartheid has been the cause of AIDS, increase in violent crimes like murder, assault and rape, corruption at all levels of government, the steady decline of all infrastructure including roads, electricity, plumbing, service delivery etc and of course for the decline in academic excellence. We know this is true because:

1.  It was the NP and Apartheid that told us that HIV does NOT cause AIDS, that AIDS can be cured by eating beetroot and the African potato or that you can avoid contracting it simply by taking a shower after having unprotected sex. They also allowed the uneducated masses to believe that it can be cured by having sex with a virgin - leading to a massive spike in the rapes of countless infants and children. 

2. It was the failure by the NP to make provision for adequate police staff and who refused to ensure that the experienced police officers were kept around to share their knowledge and then appointed incompetent, corrupt replacements who have no idea how to do their jobs and should rather be the focus of criminal investigations rather than running them. 
The NP allowed criminals to run riot without being checked. They had police officers who didn't answer their phones, took time off work without leave, slept at their desks and in squad cars, asked for bribes when they pulled you over and even had sex with people who had been arrested in the holding cells. 
The NP was the reason we had Bheki Cele (suspended and found to be unfit for his position), Jacki Selebi (serving 15 years for fraud and corruption) and most recently Richard Mdluli (to be investigated on charges of fraud, corruption, assault and murder) all in positions of authority within the police force.

3.It was the NP government who made sure that schools in Limpopo don't have textbooks, that the SANRAL theft had to be halted by court action, our provinces are on the verge of being bankrupt thanks to corruption and theft, service delivery protests are happening almost daily, roads have become so badly damaged that we have to take out insurance specifically for damage caused by potholes, Eskom is barely able to provide enough electricity to suit our needs and yet still get paid millions in bonuses, MP's drive million rand cars etc etc etc...
Jacob Zuma has 700 odd corruption charges that could be taken forward - but because of political pressure never will be - all the fault of the NP.

4. It was the NP that got rid of the merit based education that we once had that catered for people of all academic levels and called for excellence. they replaced it with OBE which means that you only need to know 30% (and even if you don't they'll adjust your marks to make sure you get promoted) to pass.

Should I go on? I could give about 100 more examples.

That statement is just another way the ANC is trying to shift the blame before elections. They have screwed up just about everything and would rather blame it on Apartheid than take responsibility and show the country that they do actually have some integrity - but who am I kidding? They do NOT know how to take responsibility simply because they have spent the last 20+ years of their lives believing that they are owed everything as a result of being "previously disadvantaged" and that they should not be blamed when they screw up. 

I can't wait to see what other evils will be blamed on Apartheid in the months leading up to Mangaung and the next set of elections. I'm pretty sure that all of it will leave those of us with more than 2 braincells wondering how these people even got to where they are in the first place...

If that doesn't prove conclusively that we are living in an ineptocracy with the corrupt ANC at the helm then I have no idea what would.

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