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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Detailed Depiction of Deliberate Democratic Delinquency

David Hill writing for The Times in London has coined my favoutite word of all time - Ineptocracy. It is just the perfect depiction of how the ANC has failed to make provision for any sort of growth in our struggling economy. David Hill is better able to outline the basics of the meaning behind the word:

Undoubtedly both David and I (along with any other person who agrees with us) are both racists who only want to oppress the blacks in South Africa. That of course plays right into the hands of the ANC where everything can be blamed on the evil whites and their Apartheid regime. Apartheid has again been blamed by  Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa by stating that "Transforming the police into a responsible, trustworthy service is a big challenge," and further that "it was a huge challenge to create the calibre of policeman who was "fully enshrined with democratic principles". The SA Police Service had inherited these problems from an apartheid police force." Are you kidding me?

You know the old adage of "if it ain't broke don't fix it"? Well this is the one and only time the ANC adheres to it. The excuse of Apartheid as the cause of all evils in South Africa - ESPECIALLY the failure by the ANC to effectively govern as per their mandate - has been used to great effect repeatedly and in connection with every instance of incompetence by the government in the last 18 years. 

According to the ANC Apartheid has been the cause of AIDS, increase in violent crimes like murder, assault and rape, corruption at all levels of government, the steady decline of all infrastructure including roads, electricity, plumbing, service delivery etc and of course for the decline in academic excellence. We know this is true because:

1.  It was the NP and Apartheid that told us that HIV does NOT cause AIDS, that AIDS can be cured by eating beetroot and the African potato or that you can avoid contracting it simply by taking a shower after having unprotected sex. They also allowed the uneducated masses to believe that it can be cured by having sex with a virgin - leading to a massive spike in the rapes of countless infants and children. 

2. It was the failure by the NP to make provision for adequate police staff and who refused to ensure that the experienced police officers were kept around to share their knowledge and then appointed incompetent, corrupt replacements who have no idea how to do their jobs and should rather be the focus of criminal investigations rather than running them. 
The NP allowed criminals to run riot without being checked. They had police officers who didn't answer their phones, took time off work without leave, slept at their desks and in squad cars, asked for bribes when they pulled you over and even had sex with people who had been arrested in the holding cells. 
The NP was the reason we had Bheki Cele (suspended and found to be unfit for his position), Jacki Selebi (serving 15 years for fraud and corruption) and most recently Richard Mdluli (to be investigated on charges of fraud, corruption, assault and murder) all in positions of authority within the police force.

3.It was the NP government who made sure that schools in Limpopo don't have textbooks, that the SANRAL theft had to be halted by court action, our provinces are on the verge of being bankrupt thanks to corruption and theft, service delivery protests are happening almost daily, roads have become so badly damaged that we have to take out insurance specifically for damage caused by potholes, Eskom is barely able to provide enough electricity to suit our needs and yet still get paid millions in bonuses, MP's drive million rand cars etc etc etc...
Jacob Zuma has 700 odd corruption charges that could be taken forward - but because of political pressure never will be - all the fault of the NP.

4. It was the NP that got rid of the merit based education that we once had that catered for people of all academic levels and called for excellence. they replaced it with OBE which means that you only need to know 30% (and even if you don't they'll adjust your marks to make sure you get promoted) to pass.

Should I go on? I could give about 100 more examples.

That statement is just another way the ANC is trying to shift the blame before elections. They have screwed up just about everything and would rather blame it on Apartheid than take responsibility and show the country that they do actually have some integrity - but who am I kidding? They do NOT know how to take responsibility simply because they have spent the last 20+ years of their lives believing that they are owed everything as a result of being "previously disadvantaged" and that they should not be blamed when they screw up. 

I can't wait to see what other evils will be blamed on Apartheid in the months leading up to Mangaung and the next set of elections. I'm pretty sure that all of it will leave those of us with more than 2 braincells wondering how these people even got to where they are in the first place...

If that doesn't prove conclusively that we are living in an ineptocracy with the corrupt ANC at the helm then I have no idea what would.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

I Too Must be a Racist

An article that appeared on the website very eloquently sets out the premise on which white South Africans are racist. And if that's the truth then I must be a racist too....

I am a racist

A South African artist called Brett Murray has been causing a huge stir since his painting of South Africa’s president titled The Spear was put up in  a local gallery. The ANC have worked themselves up into a total frothy about the painting and their biggest issue with it - It’s racist. ???????

Disrespectful, maybe. Rude, maybe. But racist???

That little word that has become the political whip with which the ANC work the masses up into angry mobs and riots anytime something happens that they don’t like. And it’s becoming really really tiring.

In South Africa, the word racist has lost it’s original meaning and now only get’s used to describe a white person doing something a black person doesn’t like. You never hear it used in any other context. You can’t say to a black CEO that he is racist because he won’t hire white people, no - he’s just making sure that only blacks get hired because of BEE. You can’t call a university racist because they won’t accept an application from a white student with straight A’s for 8 subjects - instead taking on a black student who barely passed matric. Nope, they’re not racist, they’re just correcting the wrongs of the past. But god forbid you do hire the white person or you do admit the white student, you’ll be branded racist by the government quicker that you can say “colour shouldn’t be the issue here” because how dare you choose a white person over a black person in a democratic South Africa.

Most of the time when you are a white person and you call your fellow countrymen to be held accountable for their unacceptable words and actions such as corruption, nepotism, fraud, theft, you’ll be branded a racist.

Today, I shouted at a taxi driver who pushed in-front of me nearly driving me into the curb with no regard for the fact that I have a child in the car - I must be a racist, because only racists care about road safety it would seem.

I complained to the manager of my bank because the woman handling my account is so incompetent and hasn’t responded to one email or message I’ve left her for over 2 months!  Nevermind that my account is about to be shut down because of FICA. I must be a racist then because only racists expect service from a bank and stupidly think an organisation is going to actually do the job they promise to do in all their marketing material.

The other day my husband confronted a woman outside a shopping centre after she carelessly threw her fast food packet on the floor less than 10cm from a dustbin. Her response - "you’re just a racist". Yes, you’re absolutely right, because only racists care about keeping their city clean and litter free.

I fired a lady who worked for me once because I caught her rummaging through one of my cupboards and she had taken my passport and other belongings which I found in her bag. Her only response - "you’re a racist". Yes, yes I am. Because only racists think that stealing is a criminal offense and is done by people with no morals or conscience.

I swear being a white person in this country can be very bloody exasperating at times. The ANC has brainwashed the masses with this little word - racist - to the point that it’s actually completely lost its meaning and now get’s used totally out of context. Most days I just let it pass and I don’t go into effect of it. But today is not one of those days. Today I’m angry and today I’m sick and tired of it.

I’m not shouting at you because you’re black, I’m shouting because you’re a maniac on the roads who is a danger to society.

I’m not complaining to your manager because you’re black. I’m complaining because you’re an incompetent moron who is incapable of doing her job properly.

I’m not firing you because you’re black. I’m firing you because you’re a thief.

I’m not confronting you because your black, I’m shouting at you because you’re a messy pig who expects other people to clean up your mess.

Please get over yourselves and move out the way of the remarkably amazing black people who DO take total responsibility and who actually want this country to work for ALL the people who live in it.
If being a racist in this country means that I will stand up for my rights, fight for what is fair and true and hold everyone around me accountable for their words and actions, then I am a racist through and through. If being a racist means that I believe in freedom of speech and expression and that everyone’s point of view is relevant, no matter what colour, age or sex, then I will proudly announce to all who can hear that I am a racist. If being a racist means that I believe we should all be treated with the same rules and consequences and that no-one, especially not the President, is above the law and exempt from criminal prosecution when that law has been broken, then print me a t-shirt saying “I am a racist” and I will wear it in the streets. If being a racist means that I will not stand idly by while the few, corrupt pigs in the ANC rape this country for everything they can get with no regard for the poor and the homeless and the uneducated, then I’ll get I’m a racist tattooed on my back.

Mr Zuma and the ANC - you need to get a different vocabulary. Instead of shouting at someone like Brett Murray about a painting being offensive, maybe you should be asking yourselves why he painted it in the first place. Instead of wanting to take Zapiro to court every time he depicts the president & his shower head in one of his cartoons, why don’t you stop to realise that there is truth in everything he draws and that your angry responses are really due to the fact that he keeps hitting a nerve that’s a little too close to home.

Maybe, Mr Zuma, it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror. If you were honest with yourself  you’d see that people actually have very little respect for you because some believe you have lied and cheated your way through your Presidency. According to reports you have been involved with more seedy, corrupt criminals than Horatio Cane and that you have abused funds for personal gain. Even the great Oliver Tambo’s daughter doesn’t think much of you based on what she had to say about the painiting: “He should inspire the reverence he craves. This portrait is what he inspired”

You Mr Zuma and your ANC are a bunch of CANTS!

CAN’T let go of the past
CAN’T stop operating from a place of revenge and hate for what’s happened in the past
CAN’T stop the out of control corruption that is rife throughout every government department
CAN’T seem to get the education right in this country
CAN’T say goodbye of Affirmative Action and BEE which is ruining businesses across this land

But what do I know?

I’m just a white girl talking about a black man.

I must be a racist

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Spear!

‘The Spear’ an attack on blacks – BMF

The portrait depicting President Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed was an assault on black culture, the Black Management Forum (BMF) said on Monday.
“The tasteless depiction of President Jacob Zuma… is not only a personal assault as well as an attack on the dignity and institutional office of the President of the Republic,” the forum said in a statement.
“It is also an attack on the culture of the majority, the black people of South Africa. It cannot go unchallenged.”
The painting was a “crude attempt” to reinforce the “hostility harboured by a small number of South Africans towards our democratic dispensation and towards members of the national leadership”, the BMF said.
The artwork did not advance South Africa's constitutional democracy or public discourse on the topic in any way, the forum said.
It also questioned the “apparent ease” media organisations had shown in reproducing the portrait of Zuma.
The 1.85m-high painting titled “The Spear” is part of Brett Murray's “Hail to the Thief II” exhibition at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg. The portrait has sparked debate about freedom of expression and the right to dignity and privacy.
The ANC was set to argue in court on Tuesday that the painting should be removed because it violated Zuma's right to dignity and made a mockery of his office. – Sapa

An attack on blacks? I find it hilarious and pathetic that our very own president is turning a painting by an artist known for his political commentary through his work into a race issue. Allegedly the painting "violated Zuma's right to dignity and privacy".


  1. The state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect.
  2. A composed or serious manner or style.


  1. The state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.
  2. The state of being free from public attention.
Synonyms:secrecy - solitude - seclusion - retirement

The meaning of both of those terms now having been provided for the sake of clarity, let us discuss whether or not these allegations are correct...

If dignity is the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect can this term truly apply to Jacob Zuma. Zuma has no morals at all and openly flaunts this in public through his embarrassing displays of "zulu culture". Multiple wives, 21 children, affairs (sleeping with the daughter of a friend of his being one of them - he also had a child out of wedlock with her while MARRIED to other women already!). If a man is unable to respect his own marriage, wherein he took vows to remain faithful, where is the respect that we should afford him?

He sits in the seat of a "democratically elected" president apparently - but dare I remind South Africans that we do not vote for a president? We vote for a political party, the party winning the majority of votes is then placed in the position of appointing a president from among our ranks. So Zuma was never voted for by the country - only by the ANC. A man who has been accused of rape, publicly stated that if you shower after having unprotected sex with someone that you can avoid contracting HIV, had 700 charges of fraud and corruption against him dropped because of political interference and is now working on various ways of ensuring he doesn't lose the presidency (so much for democracy huh? More on this in later posts).

By my reckoning there is nothing about the man that leads me to believe that he is worthy of honour or respect. In my culture (being white culture) carrying on the way he does in public is cause for ridicule. Any white man that dared carry on in the manner Zuma does on an almost daily basis would be the laughing stock of the country and never taken seriously again. And yet this is the man that we are presenting to the international community as our leader with his immoral and ungodly behaviour and antics being excused by stating that it is his "culture". Thank God it is not a culture that I was born into - I would be ashamed to admit it.

So has Zuma's dignity been infringed by a painting that accurately depicts his attitude and approach to life? If a man has not earned the respect of the people by his actions and his character, he is by no means entitled to be respected or honoured simply because he holds a position of authority. Thus I cannot see how his dignity has been impaired at all? He never had any to begin with.

If privacy is the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people, then one has to ask whether this can be applicable to people who have deliberately put themselves in a position which is susceptible to public scrutiny? Constitutionally speaking no right is absolute and this includes the right to privacy.

As Pierre De Vos put it on his blog "Constitutionally Speaking" in October 2011:
"In a democracy it is appropriate that public figures are sometimes treated differently than private citizens and that the former sometimes be entitled to a lesser degree of privacy than the latter. In an open and democratic society, voters have a right to be informed about all aspects of the lives of our politicians that they believe are relevant to enable them to make an informed decision about whether to support a particular politician or not. The difficulty is that it will not always be apparent what information voters would deem relevant."

In this instance I am firmly of the opinion that the sexual exploits of Jacob Zuma directly correlate to his moral standing and therefore to his ability to perform the functions with which he has been tasked as the head of state.  This would mean to me that by airing views in regard to the moral standing of our president, a man who should be setting an example to our youth, is beyond reproach from the perspective of the right to privacy.

It is inherent in the way we function in society that we as a community are entitled to know where the moral integrity of our leaders stands. I would go so far as to state that it is in the public interest that we be made aware of these issues.

So in my opinion have Jacob Zuma's rights been infringed by a painting depicting him with his penis hanging out? Not at all. It is fair public comment by an individual airing his opinion in a public forum which has, not surprisingly, caused a large amount of public debate - the kind that you would expect to have in a free and fair democratic society. I regard Zuma's attempts at removing this contentious issue from public scrutiny as a form of censorship which cannot be tolerated in a democratic society. It undermines the very foundations of democracy when public debate surrounding our country's leader is stifled because he dislikes the light in which he is portrayed.

This has gone further than simply being about one man. The ruling party has since turned this commentary on one public official into an issue of race (a typical ANC tactic when they are unable to make a logically, rational argument to an issue). If the manner in which Jacob Zuma conducts himself is indicative of his "culture", and he is proud of that "culture" why then would some social commentary on the issue be embarrassing for him? Why should it be made into an "insult" of all blacks? Is it being alleged that the majority of the black population agrees that sexual immorality is the norm in their culture? That it is acceptable to be connected to criminal activities and yet be beyond reproach simply because you happen to be "elder"?

The portrait was one man's expression of his opinion in the form of a work of art that could conceivably be seen in a positive light - something along the lines of "strength and virility" or even "masculinity" - all good things. Instead the ruling party and Jacob Zuma personally have reacted in a manner which shows that their "pride" in their Zulu "culture" is a pure ruse and that their perceptions are more reminiscent of a puritanical fundamentalist religion to which the naked human form is seen as pornography.

This would seem, to me at least, to show that good old JZ and his flunkies are just as ashamed of his antics and immorality as the rest of the civilised people in this country and that is why they do not want focus on it - especially this close to the date on which it will be determined if the ANC will allow JZ to have a second term as president if the ANC win the next elections... they know that there are at least a few educated people in this country of all colours and that if their continual inability to perform and their habitual immoral proclivities are aired publicly then they will all be out in the cold.

So instead of acknowledging public debate or actually finding a valid argument to rebut the intonations of the piece, the ruling party has again taken to the party line and made the issue one if race! This way all public debate is shifted from the issue at hand - the morals of the man leading the country - to the age old issue of "white vs black".

The whole saga has left me shaking my head and wondering why we have allowed this to happen to our beautiful country...

Friday, 18 May 2012

The Situation as it Stands

In 1990 Nelson Mandela was released from prison and the African National Congress (ANC) along with various other political parties was officially unbanned and allowed to participate in South African politics once again. In 1994 the first free and far democratic elections were held and for the first time South Africa had voted in a black ruling party with Nelson Mandela as president. In 1996 the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa was signed into law after having first being vetted and approved by the Constitutional Court. This turned South Africa into a constitutional state with the Constitution being regarded as the highest law of the land obliging all people to act in accordance with its provisions. This includes juristic entities as well as the state. No person or law is above the Constitution. The Constitution enshrined various rights of people within South Africa - even the rights of foreigners and illegal immigrants are protected under the Constitution. And this was the end of Apartheid and the beginning of the "New" South Africa - the "Rainbow Nation".

Since then South Africa has become a hellhole of massive proportions. Our country is run by a man who has the moral convictions of a sewer rat as evidenced by his marriage history, 21 children (which our taxpayers money is being used to look after), his prosecution for rape of an HIV positive woman (whereafter he took a shower saying that this would prevent him from contracting the disease), corruption charges, close associations with convicted criminals and most importantly - the steps he has taken to ensure that the white population in South Africa is punished as much as possible for perceived human rights violations in the past - I might just add that Mr Jacob Zuma was in exile during Apartheid and was never actually a part of the so-called "struggle". This is a man who, during his election campaign would sing the song "Letha umshini wami" which means "bring my machine gun" which many will claim incites violence against whites because of the historical connotations.

And that is just the start of it all... As much as I would love to go on and on about the evils the truth is that by doing so I will be labelled a racist because I am white. Talking out about what is really happening in South Africa these days is seen as a racist act designed to undermine the ruling party and to "sweep aside" the history of Apartheid. The truth is that the victors truly are the ones who write the history books and this is the case with the ANC. They have systematically removed any mention of the true state of affairs as they existed under the Apartheid regime with one simple purpose in mind - to ensure that the black majority continues to vote for them. The youth of today is taught about how evil the Apartheid regime was - I know because that's what I was taught at school - and no mention is ever made of the true reasoning or what the actual state of affairs was. The truth is that, aside from separating the races in order to allow them to grow into their own nations in which their cultures, languages and heritage could be protected, there was no mistreatment of the black population. But this is not what the ANC wants us to believe.

The ruling elite uses these tactics to wage war against a regime that has been dead for over 20 years. They use the excuse of Apartheid to mask their inadequacies and failures. They rely on racial tensions - perpetuated by them - to achieve their own ends and ensure that their pockets are lined with as much taxpayer money as they can hold. Since the ANC has been in power the truth is that we are poorer than we were before. The great infrastructure that we had in place has been allowed to fall into ruin. A handful of ANC favourites have been allowed to grow fat at the expense of the rest of the country. For all of their promises they have consistently failed to deliver. They keep the youth ignorant by depriving them of an education that would turn them into rational and logical thinkers which would soon end their reign. By making sure that all the youth knows about is the "evil that was the white government", the "ANC struggle for black freedom" and "how reparations must be made to the blacks" they are creating an entire generation of South Africans who will perpetuate the cycle of racial hatred. This has made fertile ground for the belief that blacks are "owed" by the whites. That the blacks need not work to receive (distribution of wealth). This comes back to bite them when they are unable to compete in the work environment and ultimately leads to a rise in crime as a means to survive. White children grow up surrounded by an aura of shame and the feeling that they should always be apologetic for the colour of their skin even when they have no reason to because the regime was dead before they were born.

 I am proud of my white heritage and refuse to live in a shame that is not deserved. We constantly see the fight being brought to a war that is between black and white - and there is no room to sit on the fence.