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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fat Acceptance

Today I was bombarded with that offshoot of the body positivity movement - Fat Acceptance. As someone who has put in a hell of a lot of hard work and effort to lose the 17kgs that I have (so far) since October last year I find this to be one of the most pathetic movements on the planet.

Just for the record:
1. This is not aimed at people with valid medical conditions;
2. I am not saying that anyone has to hate themselves; and
3. I am speaking directly to the people who have put on the weight because they are lazy and eat what they like without thinking of the consequences.

To those people I say the following:
1. Being fat is unhealthy - I know because I have lived it.
2. Losing weight and maintaining weight loss is not impossible - but you have to have self-discipline.
3. Being fat is not attractive - huge rolls of fat hanging off of your body is not something to be proud of and not being able to fit into a standard chair is not attractive. There is a big difference between carrying a few extra kilos and looking like a beached whale.
4. No one is responsible for how you feel about your body besides you.
5. You do not have the right to demand that people don't judge your poor choices and the results of those poor choices.
6. Your pride in your fat rolls does not give you the right to demand that people find you attractive.
7. Being fat does not mean that you are oppressed.

And now, without further ado... I present to you my favourite "Fat Positive" posts from around the web:

Maybe if you didn't eat that much you wouldn't be fat... Logic hurts right?

Because "science" and "doctors" are clueless when it comes to science and medicine.

Forcing sex on someone if they don;t want it is fine. Don't have sex with her because you don't find fat appealing and you are a rapist? Well that makes sense.

No... you are fat... you have no right to demand I accept you/

No one has the right to demand that anything about them be honoured... 

Yes there is... we will judge you as we see fit the same way as you choose to do as you see fit...

Self-acceptance and global acceptance are now the same thing?

Yeah... you gave it the old college try...

I don't care what you like... and I DON'T want to see that!

Really? Then why do you need me to validate that view?

Yeah and? That means what?

No you can't!

I don;t want to conform... accept me anyway.

If you were any good you would be there... unless you think standards should be lowered so that you can "compete"

Force everyone to like something so that I can start forcing them to accept something else!

If you teach them to eat properly and exercise then they won't.

If you have to tell people that you are fabulous then you are obviously NOT fabulous...

Fat people are NOT oppressed

Uh... No... just no. I like to eat to but I can control myself.


Want a noddy badge for your lie?

Sure... you were born fat... you never ate your way there...

Accept fat people so I can get off looking at it!!!

If you were you wouldn't demand that everyone else accept you.

People don;t like my fat!!! Force them to love me!!!

Obviously you have never learned how to spell... and if you love yourself why demand everyone else does too?

How about you lose weight? Odds of survival go waaaay up.

And everyone else NEEDS to love you too right otherwise its oppression?

So you're bot happy so you need everyone else to tell you how great you are for being fat so that you can be happy... too difficult to lose weight it seems.

I want to love myself but I can only do that if everyone else loves me too... boo hoo

I think being fat is the least of her(?) problems.

Community has no responsibility to validate you!

Yeah... the colonialists instituted fat shaming

Well considering the fact that it has a very real bearing on your health I would assume that a doctor has a duty to disclose it.

Yes... because realizing that you have a problem equates to being afraid of fat people...

Looks like your niece has more common sense than you.

Monday, 22 February 2016

#RedAfrikaans - Tuks Protests

And in this video we can see what is happening on the Pretoria University Hatfield Campus today...

Anyone else notice how, of all the people in authority in view, the cowardly little runt decided to attack the one white man?

I used to sit on that bench outside the Bcom building (now the Graduate Center)... it was a lovely bustling area of the university but at the same time quiet. At no point in my 4 years there did I ever feel unsafe. Never did I think that it was a problem to have Afrikaans as a part of the university seeing as it was built up as an Afrikaans university. In fact, I was grateful that they have decided to offer English courses as it gave me the opportunity to experience life at Tuks.

I am so ashamed of those students right now. I am ashamed to be associated with them by having even been in the same place where they are now. I am ashamed to know that we have sat on the same seat. My heart bleeds for my beautiful Tuks and the mess that is being made of it by black, commie children...

Here is another one:

Welcome to the New SA people...

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

#NightingaleMustFall: Nurses declare war on white

Now when I first read this I thought that they had to be joking. I thought that this article must have been satire... how sad I was to discover that this is entirely serious.

Nursers wearing a white uniform which shows when you are filthy and have not bothered to take even the most basic steps to ensure proper hygiene (ie white ones) must be done away with because they are "a product of apartheid and held back transformation".

Yes folks - you read that correctly. A white uniform designed to signify "hygiene and cleanliness, standing as the beacon of hope in a world overburdened by disease" is oppressive and holds back transformation. 

Wearing white is such an issue for them that they are actually holding back transformation (ie: not inducing blacks to enter the profession). That MIGHT have something to do with the fact that they feel that the work ethic displayed by Florence Nightingale "robbed [them] of the professional courtesy [they] demand from [their] bosses."

Now that is an eyeopener guys - having a work ethic where your patients come first while upholding the value of cleanliness robs people of being able to demand that their bosses give way to their every demand and are not allowed to expect that the nurses they employ actually do the jobs that they are employed to do. Is that not fantastic? 

Apparently during the apartheid era, the uniform had been used to enforce segregation and poor living and working conditions. I think that those must have been made from some seriously futuristic material if they were able to do that while distinguishing what colour the skin was underneath it seeing as, as far as I am aware, white and black nurses have always worn the same uniforms.

But that's the status of everything these days - hate on white so much that even wearing clothing coloured white is a problem and holding back transformation (transformation: code word for replacing skilled white people with incompetent blacks on the basis of skin colour alone). 

Monday, 8 February 2016

Purple is the new Black!!!

Well ladies and gentlemen of Common Sense Land here is a brainteaser for you:

What do you call it when 2 young ladies attend a space themed fancy dress party as purple glittery aliens?

If you guessed racist then you don't belong in Common Sense Land anymore and you forfeit your citizenship.

But you would be right. It would seem that according to Stellenbosch University, painting your body purple and covering yourself in glitter is an "ignorant act [that] goes against our values as it further perpetuates the exclusionary institutional culture within this university".

Painting yourself purple is now the new blackface guys. Yes indeedy. I wonder how much trouble I would get into if I decided to dress myself as a smurf for the next fancy dress party I attend? What about a character from Avatar? Or what about if I decided to paint myself yellow to go as a sunflower? Would that also be racist?

According to an apology they recognise that because in the darkness of the venue the paint appeared black that automatically means that their intention was to "demean and exotify blackness".

Really? Are you kidding me? 

On Friday (5 February 2016), SU student representative council vice chairperson James de Villiers said any “insensitive act of painting oneself should not be acceptable in 2016”.

So pretending to be an alien from outerspace is now unacceptable? Just because someone is colourblind enough to see purple and glitter as black?

Just how far is this political correctness going to go? Next you will be telling me that smoking a cigarette is cultural appropriation because tobacco was used by the native Americans first.

At least we can be secure in the knowledge that Stellenbosch University is taking steps to swiftly deal with the issue. Please also note how they are getting on the bandwagon by calling it a "womxn residence"... can't let those special little snowflakes experience the real world now can we??

Sigh... Happy Monday!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

White Privilege Pledge

Well here it is folks. The South African version of hand-wringing in the name of social justice: a pledge to acknowledge your white privilege. Your white skin makes you privileged and therefore you need to feel bad about it, spend hours of your life researching it and feeling guilty for everything that you have earned.  Time for an education on White Privilege - AwakeSAThe initiative, Awake SA, was kicked off by Bruce Muller.

Your white skin is the sole reason for the fact that you are able to hold down a job or create a company that is successful. Your white skin is the reason that you are not engaging in crime and breeding beyond what you can support. Your white skin is the reason that you are educated and capable.

But naturally this new pledge goes further than just acknowledging your so-called "white privilege"... it now calls for you to undertake to:

1. call out racism socially and in the workplace;
2. give back to an underprivileged community or an organisation supporting such communities; and
3. continue this journey of learning and understanding sincerely and strive to help within my means and capabilities as a citizen of South Africa, who shares a common future with ALL its inhabitants.

Wow! It is now the domain of the white man to "call out racism socially and in the workplace". Strange seeing as we are constantly being told that whites should refrain from determining just what is and what isn't racist. I wonder if that spreads to pointing out all of the various and numerous instances of black on white racism out there?

We now also have to pledge to help an underprivileged community or organisation... I wonder just what all of my tax is going towards if not precisely that. And on top of the outrageous rates of tax we pay we also already do the contribution thing in order to earn BEE points which we need to stay in business and avoid a massive fine. So already every year 2% of my profits AFTER tax go towards underprivileged communities/organisations. Not counting the fact that all of my suppliers have to be BEE compliant too...

And continue the journey... That basically boils down to us standing around navel-gazing and contemplating just how evil and racist we are for being white and why we deserve absolutely nothing regardless of how hard we have worked for it simply because we are white...

So you know what Mr Muller? I decline to sign your pledge. I decline to be ashamed of my heritage. I decline to take responsibility for what people did before my time and before I could even understand just what they were doing or why. I decline to be ashamed of what I have earned and what I have created. And I sure as hell decline to be a party to your attempts to further demonize the entire white population of South Africa on the basis of their skin colour. So I will now politely tell you to go and shove your disgustingly racist pledge up your grovelling self-hating @rse.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Students: Food and Accommodation Now!

We have all been intimately exposed to the #FeesMustFall movement by now. This is the refrain from the entitled masses who feel that they should be given a free university education. There is no discussion of how many degrees a person should be allowed to get for free. No discussion of what happens to the thousands who repeatedly fail subjects and years - must they also be paid for ad infinitum? This is the demand of the entitled little snowflakes that will one day run our country - I know, I'm scared too.

But the latest demand is that they want free food and accommodation from the universities too. 

Students demand food and shelter for all at UCT

These precious snowflakes are demanding that the university give them room on campus is university residences and give them access to the dining halls for res students. Oh how lovely it is to be entirely clueless isn't it?

These kids are demanding free education, accommodation and food. No thought is given to the fact that the university does not have residential space available for the entire student body. No thought given to the increased costs all of these demands will lead to at all.

I wonder where they think that all of this money is coming from? Have they even thought about who will have to foot the bill? Do they even have the common sense to realise that if their demands were met all of the costs of the university would skyrocket? If one of you entitled and useless demanding students reads this please note that when you demand free things these will be some of the costs created:

1. Additional staff needs to be hired to run the kitchens and cook;
2. Food will have to be purchased and prepared - all constantly rising costs;
3. Additional housing will have to be purchased and/or built;
4. Electricity, water and rates and taxes will have to be paid for all of this additional housing;
5. Staff will have to be hired to maintain the buildings;
6 The buildings will have to be furnished;
7. Insurance premiums will have to be paid because you people don't know how to look after anything and the places will constantly be trashed when you have your next set of demands;
8. Additional security will be required.

And those are the most immediate costs that will be levied. But naturally under the #FeesMustFall guise this must naturally all be free seeing as the university will not be allowed to recoup the cost by way of increasing fees. So now the question becomes: where is the money coming from to pay for this? 

Well the answer of course is "government must pay". A fair and noble response from someone who has no clue where the government gets the money they spend and whose parents have never contributed to the tax pool. Yes my lovelies: Government will pay for your free education, food and shelter with taxpayer money. This means that those of us who are actually contributing will be forced to contribute even more so that you special snowflakes can eat and party for free.

You see, not a single of of these kids has had to contribute to the tax base yet and will one day get a massive shock when they receive that first pay check when they get their BEE job. You see dears, what will happen is that government will increase our taxes to force us to fund your lifestyles. This means that the job that pays you a salary of R30 000 will see you taking home maybe R22 000 after they are forced to increase the tax rates again. 

And then you will cry and complain that R8 000 of your hard earned money is being taken by the government every month. And then you will notice that the roads are not kept in good repair, your money is used to pay for house upgrades for number 1, you will watch students burn, pillage and destroy universities demanding new free things like textbooks and computers and transport. And you will then begin to understand just what we are saying now - the entitled little brats are ungrateful savages. You will also wonder why you have to pay for someone else's education, and housing and food and healthcare and, and , and... And next year there will be even more entitled students wanting the same which means taxes will increase again. Just don;t for a second think your salary will increase as well - oh no. Companies cannot afford that. 

And when that day comes, don't you DARE complain. Don't you DARE question anything. Just shut up and fork out with a smile on your face because this is what you wanted. Don't worry that you will have to pay extra for security because crime is out of control due to useless police. Don't complain about the food prices and fuel costs and insurance premiums and electricity prices that have shot up - this is what you caused. Your protests have made SA ungovernable and have scared away investment. Your behaviour contributed to all of the economic ills. Your perpetuation of the violent strikes and protests designed to shut down the effective running of everything until you get what you want is mirrored in the workers and where you learned it all. And it is a behaviour your children will continue. But be proud of yourselves... you will have forced the working population into living a lower standard of life to make sure that those who will not work and better themselves can have for free what you earned. 

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Racism SA 2016: What Is and Isn't

I am sure by now that we have all had our fill of the furore around the Penny Sparrow sage... you can all read the details here as well as many, many, many other posts about it all. This is the post:

For calling black people monkeys Ms Sparrow has received death threats, has been charged by multiple political parties and individuals and has been lambasted in the media and on Facebook as the queen of racism.

However, this post, by a one Velaphi Vel-hove Khumalo is apparently not according the majority of comments on this News24 Facebook thread... (please take note that News24 is showing their anti-white bias by saying the comment was 'racist' in the headline)

This is apparently perfectly acceptable and a view shared by many black posters... here are just a few I managed to screencap last night:

The traditional double standard has set off 2016 quite well it seems according to this article in the Citizen - white racism is the problem. Not the calling for genocide or mass murder of whites - that is perfectly acceptable and a reasonable response to being called monkeys.  You will note in the Citizen article above that they make specific reference to "In 2012, model Jessica Leandra Dos Santos, was dropped by sponsors after she tweeted about wanting to punch a k***** for being “arrogant and disrespectful”." No mention is made of when Tshidi Thamana tweeted "Dear Mr Peter Mokaba?… I wish all whites had been killed when you sang 'Kill the Boer', then we wouldn't have to experience @JessicaLeandra's racism [sic]."

Double standards again...

And now the ANC wants to make racism a crime - opinions are to be a crime now if the racist ANC gets its way. I wonder how many of the black people in the posts above will be prosecuted for racism or is this only a crime whites can commit?

UPDATE: It looks like people have finally started agreeing that this is wrong and Velaphi Vel-hove Khumalo has closed his facebook page and is being investigated... about time.